The weather today, Friday, 23-9-2022 in Egypt.. Hot during the day

Today, Friday, the weather is hot and humid during the day, moderate at night, and the winds are moderate, brisk at times in the evening over Cairo and Lower Egypt.

The weather on the coasts

As for the weather on the northern coasts, it is hot during the day and moderate at night, and the winds are moderate and active at times on the western coasts.

The weather in Sinai

While the weather on South Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges is very hot during the day, and hot at night, and the winds are moderate.

The weather in Upper Egypt

On the north and south of Upper Egypt, very hot weather prevails during the day, hot at night, and the winds are moderate, sometimes active in the north.

Today’s temperatures

And about the expected temperatures today, Friday, in Cairo, the maximum is 33, the minimum is 23, in Alexandria, the high is 30, and the low is 22.

Weather in Damanhour

In Damanhour, the highest is 32, the lowest is 22 degrees, and the city of Siwa records a maximum temperature of 33, and a minimum of 20.

Weather in Aswan

Today, Friday, temperatures will be recorded in Aswan Governorate, 40 degrees for the highest, and 20 for the lowest, and in Qena Governorate, 37 degrees for the highest, and 22 degrees for the lowest.

While Luxor Governorate scored 40 for the Great, 22 for the Small, the Great Sohag Governorate 37, and the Smaller 22.

While the temperature in Marsa Matruh recorded 28 degrees for the highest, and 21 degrees for the lowest.

The weather in the administrative capital

The administrative capital witnesses temperatures of 33 for the high and 23 for the low, and in New Alamein, 30 for the high, and 22 for the low.

Bahrain case

Meteorologists pointed out that the state of the Mediterranean is moderate, the wave height ranges from one to 1.5 meters, and the winds are northwesterly.

While the state of the Red Sea is moderate, the wave height ranges from one to 1.5 meters, and the winds are northwest.

Al-Bawareh winds

Very dry northwesterly winds raise dust and dust, with speeds of more than 55 km/hour, and may lead to sandstorms in severe cases.

Al-Bawareh winds also arise due to the high surface atmospheric pressure over the eastern basin of the Mediterranean and its extreme low over eastern Arabia and the Empty Quarter desert.

This contributes to the rush of winds from the northwest to the southeast, with the excitation of dust and sandstorms.

Al-Bawareh winds blow over the eastern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and sometimes reach the central regions. They blow over Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq, all the way to the Emirates.

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