Al-Ahmar complains about the channel.. and an urgent meeting for Al-Khatib due to electrification

Al-Ahmar complains about the channel.. and an urgent meeting for Al-Khatib due to electrification
Al-Ahmar complains about the Zamalek channel.. and an urgent meeting for Al-Khatib due to electrification

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Kahraba forces Al-Khatib to hold an urgent meeting with Al-Ahly’s board of directors

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, requested an urgent meeting with the Red Genie’s Board of Directors during the coming hours.

A Source confirmed that Al-Khatib requested a meeting with Al-Ahly’s board of directors after the end of his session with the club’s football company, headed by Adly Al-Qai’i, in order to resolve the file of Mahmoud Kahraba, the team’s player.

The urgent session came after Al-Ahly coach Marcel Koehler insisted on quickly resolving the electrification crisis and the team’s need for it during the upcoming matches in light of the successive injuries of the Red Genie players, which he requested during his session with Sayed Abdel Hafeez, football director, who informed the latter of Mahmoud Al-Khatib of Koehler’s desire.

Club had previously obtained a ruling fining Mahmoud Kahraba two million dollars, in favor of the White Castle, against the background of the player’s departure from the club before his contract expired.

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Kahraba is not entitled to participate with Al-Ahly, until now, in light of the suspension penalty imposed on him due to non-payment of the fine in favor of Zamalek Club.

Al-Ahly complains about the Zamalek channel and holds the Supreme Media responsible

Al-Ahly Club submitted a complaint today to the Supreme Media Council, against the Zamalek Club channel and its continuous abuses. He singled out the complaint for the “Zamalkawi” program, which made false, false and unfounded accusations against Al-Ahly Club, its president and members of its board of directors.

He used videos attributed to a person, claiming that he was a clergyman. False words that did not exist on the ground came from his tongue.. The program presenter and his guests sought to distort the image of Al-Ahly Club and its symbols with lies and incorrect information, which angered millions, and heralded a great state of congestion in the sports street.

The complaint also stated: Why does the Supreme Media Council and its chief journalist, “Karam Jabr,” not assume their responsibilities and implement the regulations and laws regarding the Zamalek channel? What is the point of not taking a stance towards this channel that messes around and stirs up strife among the masses? And offend the symbols of Al-Ahly? This was repeated many times.. Al-Ahly Club demanded that the necessary legal measures be taken to stop the transgressions of the Zamalek channel and its repeated abuse.

The expected formation of Al-Ahly in front of the Arab Contractors

Next Sunday, Al-Ahly Stadium, we, in peace, will host the match of the first football team of Al-Ahly club and its counterpart, the Arab Contractors team, in the quarter-final round of the Egypt Cup for the last season 2021-2022.

It is expected that the Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, the technical director of the Red Team, will start the Arab Contractors match, by forming a component as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El Shennawy

In the line of defense: Akram Tawfiq, Muhammad Abdel Moneim, Yasser Ibrahim, Muhammad Ashraf.

In midfield: Elio Diang, Amr Al-Soleya, Ahmed Abdel-Qader.

In the offensive line: Bruno Savio, Mohamed Sharif, Taher Mohamed Taher.

Al-Ahly’s men beat Smouha in the league

The men’s first handball team of Al-Ahly club achieved an important victory at the expense of its counterpart Smouha team, in the meeting that took place between the two teams this Thursday afternoon within the league championship competitions.

The match was held at Al-Ahly club’s main hall on the island, and witnessed a strong performance by the two teams, before it ended with Al-Ahly’s victory.

The two teams presented a strong performance in the first half and ended with a score of 12-12. In the second half, the good performance of the two teams continued in the match before Al-Ahly players managed to win 25-24.

Al-Ahly 2007 beat Al-Ahly Bank with a double in the Republic Championship

The junior football team of Al-Ahly Club, born in 2007, achieved a victory over the Al-Ahly Bank team with two goals to one in the match that brought the two teams together, today, Thursday, at the latter’s stadium, in the ninth round of the Republic Championship.

The Al-Ahly double was scored by Adam Tariq and Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Tahha.

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