Mr. Olympia 2023 results .. Who is the Mr. Olympia 2023 champion and Big Ramy’s ranking among the contestants

The Mr. Olympia World Championship is the largest bodybuilding championship in the world, and this tournament is held annually regularly and the best bodybuilders in the world participate in it. The first place in the World Championship last year, and the United States of America is organizing the current version of the Mr. Olympia Championship, where the activities of the tournament are held in the American city of “Las Vegas”, and in the early hours of this morning, Sunday, December 18, the final match in this tournament, which Five players participated in it, including the star of Egypt and the Arab world, Big Ramy.

Mr. Olympia 2023 Championship

Big Ramy, our Egyptian star, competed in this tournament with both the American “Hunter Labrada”, who finished fourth in the previous tournament, as well as the American “Nick Walker”, who had won the Arnold Classic Championship title in 2021, as well as the American “Brandon Curry”. Nationality, who finished second in last year’s tournament behind Big Ramy. Also among Big Ramy’s competitors in this tournament was the great Iranian star “Hadi Choban”, who had finished third in Mr. Olympia last year, as well as the Englishman “Nike Walker”. And there was a fierce competition between Big Ramy and all the competitors in this powerful tournament.

Mr. Olympia Championship

Mr. Olympia tournament results

Mr. Olympia tournament results

Big Ramy results 2023

The past few hours witnessed very large searches by bodybuilding enthusiasts in order to inquire and find out the winner of the 2023 Mr. Olympia Championship, and all expectations were in favor of the Egyptian star Big Ramy, but the results were contrary to expectations and shocking to the Egyptians, as Big Ramy ranked fifth. And the last in the final standings for this tournament, which was arranged as follows: –

Iranian “Hadi Choban” won the first place in this tournament, becoming the Iranian star Mr. Olympia for this season, while the American “Derek Lansford” ranked second in the tournament, and the English “Nike Walker” came in the third place, while “Brandon Kerry” ranked fourth, Egyptian Big Ramy came in fifth place, in a shocking and unexpected surprise.

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