Nadine Al-Rassi collapses when she hears the voice of her brother George Al-Rassi at the funeral (video) | news

Social media users shared a video clip of the Lebanese artist, Nadine Al-Rassi, who collapsed while listening to a song in the voice of her late brother, George Al-Rassi, while the family received condolences at the Church of Saints Sargios and Bacchus in Byblos.

Nadine Al-Rassi appears, embracing a giant headset, and weeping for the death of her brother, George Al-Rassi.

It is worth noting that Nadine Al-Rassi learned of her brother’s death through social networking sites, after she received a call early Saturday morning, which made it difficult for her.

George Al Rassi

George Al Rassi

George Al-Rassi died in the early hours of Saturday morning, August 27, in a traffic accident after his car collided with a median barrier at the point separating the Lebanese and Syrian borders, while returning from Syria after performing a party there. He was accompanied in the car by Zina Al-Mara’bi, his work coordinator, who also died in the same accident.

George Al Rassi’s wrecked car in the accident

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The forensic report of the late Lebanese singer George Al-Rassi revealed the cause of his death, and stated that the body was intact and not deformed, and there were fractures in the rib cage and the head, as a result of a strong collision with the concrete barrier, according to the website of the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.

George El Rassi and his son

Ashraf Al-Mosmawi, George Al-Rassi’s lawyer, stated that the investigations contained details of the accident and that it occurred one kilometer before the Lebanese border, after Al-Rassi crossed the Syrian public security point, which is a predestination as a result of the lack of lighting on the international highway, and the absence of any elements of traffic safety between the Syrian and Lebanese factory points.

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