Amazon is canceling the survival mystery series

Erana James in “The Wilds” © 2022 Amazon Studios

Source: Deadline

Article contains spoilers for The Wilds season 2 finale!

The sadly long list of series that ended with a frustrating cliffhanger without a proper ending has grown by one entry. Amazon has decided to start the survival mystery series “The Wild” not renewed for a third season. This ends the series without any resolution and even with a really bad cliffhanger.

“The Wild” ran in December 2020 Amazon Prime and told the story of a group of teenage girls whose plane crashed on a deserted island. What started out as a conventional survival story became increasingly mysterious as the season progressed, eventually revealing that the girls are (mostly) involuntary participants in a highly ethical study designed to prove that women in extreme situations are better together work together as men, and that a similar experiment is going on with a group of boys at the same time.

The first “The Wild”season received positive reviews and was also well received by viewers, but the survival series started a few months later “yellow jackets”, who told a very similar story, completely stole the show and is currently nominated in numerous Emmy categories. While “yellow jackets” is on everyone’s lips, was “The Wild” So long gone that by the time the second season premiered a year and a half after the first last May, interest had evaporated, the show had lost momentum and reviews were dwindling too. From that point of view, it’s probably not surprising that the series was cancelled.

After the second season followed both groups of survivors in parallel, they ended up clashing. What would have happened then, we will probably never know.

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