This is how you protect yourself from diseases in public transport – health

This is how you protect yourself from diseases in public transport – health
This is how you protect yourself from diseases in public transport – health

The probability of getting infected on public transport is higher than ever. It’s up to you to protect your body from the dangers of bacteria.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, public transport was used without any fear. It was common practice (mask-free) to get on the bus and to grab all the free poles standing up if the subway was overcrowded. But mouth and nose protection and gloves have become more and more normal.

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With the corona virus swarming around, more and more passengers have become aware of invisible dangers. But what really protects you from nasty bacteria and pests if you use public transport instead of the car?

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5 tips to ensure that you are hygienic on public transport

“Bacteria harden” – This is roughly how one justified oneself when it came to washing hands and other hygienic projects. However, if you are dealing with a serious virus that is contagious in particularly confined spaces, your behavior towards bacteria and the like will change quite a bit. Because apart from COVID-19, there are other pests that you need to protect yourself from if you the next time you get on the train or bus.

However, bacteria and germs are not only to be found on the handles of public transport. Also, think of the seat you’ve shared with hundreds of other passengers before you. Therefore, you should not only clean your hands sufficiently, but also wash your clothes properly. For those with a weak immune system, it is most inconvenient when dangerous microorganisms attack the body. In this case, the bacteria are anything but hardening and even more detrimental to health. However, there are plenty of ways you can protect yourself from illness on public transport.

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As a defense against the bacteria, many people rely not only on their masks but also on the likelihood of catching something with their hands. Hence the use of latex or special protective gloves. Unfortunately, sometimes they do more damage.

Gloves protect you from superficial dirt, but viruses and bacteria can still get through. Most gloves are made from materials that are not 100 percent waterproof. The best way to protect your hands is to use a disinfectant that you should always have with you when you are out and about.

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