Trimmel teammates after chemo: “16 hours of pure poison” – football

Trimmel teammates after chemo: “16 hours of pure poison” – football
Trimmel teammates after chemo: “16 hours of pure poison” – football

Germany centre-back Timo Baumgartl has spoken openly about his cancer diagnosis and the treatment. He wants to clarify.

In May 2022, Timo Baumgartl made his testicular cancer public. The 26-year-old central defender had to undergo chemotherapy. The Union Berlin player has now completed part of the team training again.

Baumgartl has now spoken openly about the hard time on Linkedin. His life was completely turned upside down. Baumgartl wrote that the cancer diagnosis made him “confronted with mortality” for the first time in his life. The player continues: “At the age of 26 you worry about everything else, but not necessarily about cancer. You feel invulnerable, especially as a competitive athlete.”

The moments in the oncology ward will shape him forever. “An incredibly hard time for me. My body was administered pure poison in several cycles for 16 hours at a time. It changes the body, also mentally.” His priorities have completely changed. He adds with humor: “I’ve started not to get upset about little things anymore – although the traffic jam in Berlin is no small thing.”

Baumgartl would like to clarify: “I’m grateful that everything went well and that I’ve been able to be back on the training ground for a few weeks. That’s why I’m so open about my situation because I want to be a role model for others.” Not just for people with the same diagnosis, adds Baumgartl. “Even for young people who don’t think much about it. I would like to encourage them to go to preventive care. It’s just a few minutes that doesn’t hurt a man.”

The central defender closed the Linkedin post with the following words: “You will soon see me back on the pitch, of course with a neat haircut.”

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