Prize for Helene Fischer’s press outfit amazes pop fans

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Created: 09/22/2022, 8:54 am

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In a good mood and well styled, Helene Fischer chats about the details of her upcoming mega tour. The relaxed look of sweater and sneakers was pretty expensive. Schlager fans also discussed the prize online.

Cologne – Helene Fischer revealed new details about her mega tour next year at a major press conference on Wednesday (September 21, 2022). In a red sweater, tight black trousers and stylish black and gold shoes, the hit queen answered the journalists’ questions. A super relaxed outfit, but it also has its price.

For 1,745 euros: Helene Fischer wears a luxury outfit at the press conference

Helene Fischer, one of the biggest German hit stars of all time, is beaming and chatting with obvious anticipation about her upcoming tour. As always, her outfit is a real eye-catcher – and the pop singer has also reached deep into her wallet for that. The red sweater with a kiss on the lips that Helene Fischer wore at her press conference is from the Spanish luxury label Loewe and costs a whopping 650 euros.

Helene Fischer’s relaxed look was pretty expensive. Their hit fans are now discussing the price online. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/BOBO & IMAGO/Panama Pictures

In addition, Helene Fischer combines sock sneakers from the French luxury label Balmain, which are available for a proud 1,095 euros. The sweater and her shoes alone cost 1,745 euros. A proud price, which is also discussed among their fans on the Internet.

Also at the Munich concert: Helene Fischer relies on expensive brands for styling

On August 20th in Munich, Helene Fischer not only convinced musically, but also visually. No expense or effort was spared for the four looks. The black body with gold buckles (from Versace for 339 euros) and jogging trousers in the same color with hanging straps (from Prada for 1,750 euros) cost a total of 2,089 euros. The asymmetrical flame dress was by London designer David Koma and costs 1,257 euros. The skin-tight, orange jumpsuit from Dolce & Gabbana costs 695 euros and the channel belt, depending on the provider, between 3,154 and 4,418 euros. Helene Fischer wore outfits worth over 7,800 euros in one evening.

“More than I deserve”: The price for Helene Fischer’s press outfit amazes fans

“Dude, I thought H&M or something,” marvels a fan at the price of the red sweater. A second fan reacted similarly speechless: “What? For having lips on it?”. “It’s good to know that Helene’s shoes and sweatshirt together cost more than I earn a month …” said a third comment. “I wouldn’t even take them as a gift,” is also the devastating verdict on Helene Fischer’s shoes.

Fans discuss the price of Helene Fischer's outfit at her press conference on September 21, 2021 in Cologne (photomontage)
How expensive is too expensive? Fans discuss the price of Helene Fischer’s outfit at her press conference on September 21, 2021 in Cologne (photomontage) © Instagram

But Helene Fischer doesn’t just have to accept styling criticism from her fans. ORF beauty expert Martina Reuter also blasphemes about Helene Fischer’s appearance. With her luxury wardrobe and her styling, she could not convince the Schlagerqueen at her Munich concert. Sources used:, & Instagram/helene_concerts

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