Woman has to take detours with dogs – the reason is amazing – pets

Woman has to take detours with dogs – the reason is amazing – pets
Woman has to take detours with dogs – the reason is amazing – pets

55-year-old Ali Harris suffers from a strange fear that forces her to walk her dogs for hours on end: She fears tractors.

The two mixed breeds “Ruby” and “Dot” are certainly not angry when some walks suddenly extend to several hours, but they probably don’t understand the reason. Dog owner Ali Harris suffers from a rather strange phobia: she is afraid of tractors. Stupid when you live idyllically in the British Cotswolds – the heart of England – and every loud noise thinks you’re going to be run over by an agricultural implement.

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The trigger was a spy film

Harris told a British outlet that a 1930s thriller by Alfred Hitchcock called “The 39 Steps” was to blame for her absurd anxiety. There’s no tractor there, but an airplane chasing the main character, a spy, across a field. What sounds pretty amusing now is of course a disaster for the Brit, because just seeing a tractor in the distance gets her heart pumping and she begins to hyperventilate and tremble. If she doesn’t see an alternative when she’s out for a walk, she’ll hide behind a tree with her dogs for hours.

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“They are everywhere”

However, the worst thing for the redhead is that there is no time of day when she can go for a walk without fear. After all, tractors are always on the field at different times of the day and “lurk”. In the car, however, Harris has no problem encountering a tractor on the road, which is why she does not want professional help and prefers to continue to drive for miles to avoid the “enemy”.

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