AIDAbella accident in the port of Hamburg!

AIDAbella accident in the port of Hamburg!
AIDAbella accident in the port of Hamburg!

After a small accident, AIDAbella cannot set sail on her new journey today!

According to the plan, AIDAbella should start her long winter break from Hamburg to the Caribbean and back today. However, AIDA Cruises just reported that the ship had an accident. Contact with the pier has taken place.

The incident happened at around 5:30 a.m. in the port of Hamburg. There is currently a ban on sailing, which is normal for things like this, since the ship has to be checked for damage and, if in doubt, repaired.

According to the police, when it came into contact with the pier, there was “a small crack” on the stern, no one was injured. A technical and nautical examination is now pending, after which the extent of the necessary repairs will be known and the guests will be informed accordingly about the delay.

The damage is relatively centered on the stern, to the right of the ship’s name “AIDAbella” there is a decent dent, but also a vertical crack. It looks like the AIDA Mini when Niklas flattened a bicycle stand backwards. An outside team at a shipyard can probably fix it, I’ve seen worse things.

AIDA instructs the guests, if they have not already started, to stay at home for the time being, they will be informed accordingly as soon as the journey can start.

If the guests are already on their way, they are welcome to come to the terminal. AIDA speaks of a delayed start in a few days, so the trip should definitely take place, but then also shortened.

The first guests are already there and the check-in seems to be taking place. The ship will be repaired when the work is completed, which will also take some time, the voyage will start according to the current status.

The actual route of AIDAbella looks like this:

1 Thu 08.12 Hamburg Germany 18:00
2 Fri 09.12 day at sea
3 Sat 10.12 Portland (UK) Great Britain 08:00 19:00
4 Sun 11.12 day at sea
5 Mon 12.12 La Coruna Spain 09:00 20:00
6 Tue 13.12 day at sea
7 Wed 14.12 day at sea
8th Thu 15.12 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain 08:00 17:00
9 Fri 16.12 day at sea
10 Sat 17.12 day at sea
11 Sun 18.12 day at sea
12 Mon 19.12 day at sea
13 Tue 20.12 day at sea
14 Wed 21.12 day at sea
15 Thu 22.12 Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis 09:00 19:30
16 Fri 23.12 Pointe-a-Pitre Guadeloupe 08:00 19:30
17 Sat 24.12 Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines 09:00 20:00
18 Sun 25.12 St George’s Granada 08:00 19:30
19 Mon 26.12 day at sea
20 Tue 27.12 Kralendijk (Bonaire Island) Netherlands Antilles 08:00 19:00
21 Wed 28.12 Oranjestad Aruba 08:00
22 Thu 29.12 Oranjestad Aruba 17:00
23 Fri 30.12 day at sea
24 Sat 31.12 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 07:00 16:00
25 Sun 01.01 Road Town (Tortola) British Virgin Islands 13:00 21:00
26 Mon 02.01 Philipsburg Netherlands Antilles 08:00 19:00
27 Tue 03.01 day at sea
28 Wed 04.01 day at sea
29 Thu 05.01 Hamilton bermuda 08:30 15:30
30 Fri 06.01 day at sea
31 Sat 07.01 day at sea
32 Sun 08.01 day at sea
33 Mon 09.01 day at sea
34 Tue 10.01 day at sea
35 Wed 11.01 Ponta Delgada Portugal 07:00 16:00
36 Thu 12.01 day at sea
37 Fri 13.01 Lisbon Portugal 16:00
38 Sat 14.01 Lisbon Portugal 17:00
39 Sun 15.01 Leixoes (Porto) Portugal 07:00 18:00
40 Mon 16.01 day at sea
41 Tue 17.01 day at sea
42 Wed 18.01 Rotterdam Netherlands 09:00 23:00
43 Thu 19.01 day at sea
44 Fri 20.01 Hamburg Germany 08:00

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