Michelle Soifer affirms LIVE that her EEG payment was deducted: “They took my small salary”, video

Will it be true? Popular singer Michelle Soifer surprised viewers of This is war in the last edition after she confessed that her salary was deducted for having been suspended several days ago for being late to the television set. However the ‘Sun‘ he left with his mouth open with a peculiar phrase.

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This Wednesday, August 31, the competition program began unexpectedly as it was learned that Raphael Cardozo he decided to skip the show for a trip and handicapped his team on his score. For their part, the combatants came to their defense and Said Palau attacked the Peruvian artist for allegedly having privileged treatment.

In this regard, the production decided to make things clear and consulted michelle soifer if his salary was affected when he received it he suspended it. “The day you were not here. Was it discounted or was it not discounted?” Was the question asked by the Tribunal, which was tired of the claims.

“Exactly, they took my little salary and I tell you something Said they gave me a microphone because I tried to justify why I arrived 3 minutes late to the live show and tried to find a way to be forgiven,” she replied in front of the cameras. national singer.

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Michelle Soifer is accused by members of ‘La Gran Estrella’ due to lack of interest after not supporting them

The ‘San Quintin’ was put together for the popular ‘solcito’ michelle soifer in the recent edition of La Gran Estrella, a music reality show by host Gisela Valcárcel. Soifer was accused by the reality show contestants for her lack of commitment to her team of artists. Apparently she former reality girl I wouldn’t go to rehearsals. What happened?

This is how the program revealed it by revealing the confessional of the participants, who praised Yahaira Plasencia, considering her as one of the “Queens” most committed to the members of her team, and leaving a clear lack of interest in the urban artist.

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