Trump bragged about knowing secrets about Macron’s sex life

Trump bragged about knowing secrets about Macron’s sex life
Trump bragged about knowing secrets about Macron’s sex life

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, boasted of knowing secrets of the sexual life of Emmanuel Macron through American intelligence sources. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the document accrediting the information would have been found together with the classified material that was seized from the search of Trump’s house in Mar-a-Lago, in a file labeled “info re: President of France.”

Nevertheless, Trump gave few details about what he supposedly knew and one of the sources points out that “it is often difficult to know” if the politician “is lying or not”. A few weeks ago, after the FBI searched the former president’s mansion in Florida, the inventory of documents recovered by the agents was published with judicial authorization, including some with information about the French president.

According to two other sources cited by Rolling Stone, this revelation triggered a transatlantic uproarin particular because of Trump’s past comments about Macron’s alleged “naughty” ways that “[no] a lot of people know.”

Both French and American officials have tried to find out precisely what Trump had in his house about Macron and the Government of France, and whether any of it was of a sensitive nature, according to the sources. Officials from both countries want to know if this discovery is some kind of breach of national security, or if it is a frivolous but stolen souvenir.

A spokesman for the French embassy assures Rolling Stone that France has not requested information from the Biden Administration about the documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago for its investigation.

Last Friday, the Justice Department published the affidavit document that justified the search of Trump’s mansion in Palm Beach on August 8. Although with large parts hidden, the text reveals that this May the FBI made a preliminary review of the 15 boxes removed from Mar-a-Lago and found 184 documents marked classified, including 25 marked “top secret.”

The affidavit or affidavit of registration lists acronyms on some of the documents they indicate were particularly sensitive, including some that pertained to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, a national security law for secret judicial clearances in highly sensitive cases.

The agent in charge of writing the registration statement says that these types of documents usually contain national defense information, the type of government secret that is protected by the Espionage Act. He also mentions that several of the documents contained “what appear to be handwritten notes from the former president.”

“What was most concerning was that the highly classified records were unclassified, mixed with other records and if not [estaban así, se encontraban] without being properly identified”, says the agent.

The relationship of both leaders while Trump occupied the Oval Office was full of provocations, slights and multiple attempts to reconcile two opposing views of international politics: the liberalism and multilateralism of the French president, against the economic nationalism of the North American (summarized in the formula ‘America first’).

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