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The coffee is represents a great export commodity in world trade, the presence of this grain in Peruvian tables is undeniable, although per capita consumption is 750 grams, compared to other regions, in Peru there are good signs that the consumer is becoming more aware and learning more about this product.

It is in honor of this grain that we now bring a list of coffee shops specialty that not only offer coffee preparations, but are places to learn about this subject, where there is a cult for this grain.

It is a cafeteria under the management of the same founders of the Peruvian School of Coffee, Michael and Wendy Valderde. Under this same name they have the special coffee packaged in beans and ground in 250-gram presentations, there you can see the different types of extraction methods: French press, Japanese siphon, V60, Chemex, Kalita and cold brew.

The cafeteria is located on 471 Arenales Avenue, at the same entrance door for the Escuela Peruana del Café, for more information, follow their social networks Facebook on his Instagram @ClamoreCafé or by calling 941 481 939.

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CLAMORE COFFEE (Photo: Diffusion)

The Alalaw Café chain has been in the local market for 12 years and currently has seven stores between its own and a franchisee. The strategy from the beginning was to locate in the north of Lima with a difficult audience to attract, but it was added due to the quality of the specialty coffee they offer, with 80 to 85 points, grain that comes from Chanchamayo and Pichanaki.

It has stores in Los Olivos, Comas, two in Huacho, Huaral, Chaclacayo, Nuevo Chimbote-Áncash. You can enter your social networks on Facebook or Instagram @AlalawCafe.

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ALALAW COFFEE (Photo: Diffusion)

Winner of the Best Specialty Coffee Shop 2019, it is located in Pachacamac, south of Lima. Here the master barista is Renzo Ruiz, winner of the National Barista Championship, whom the coffee community seeks to support to finance his trip to Australia so that he can compete in the international event representing Peru.

Its operations center is the Mamaquilla roastery, a large space where you can find various elaborations based on this grain. You can enjoy his work and formulas at Av. Manuel Valle 1101, Pachacamac; Check out their news on their Facebook or on their Instagram @Mamaquilla_tostaduria.

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It is a coffee-roastery that processes its own coffee brought from farms in Peru, in this place you can find espresso bars and brew bars, buy various accessories and artisanal methods to prepare coffee at home and enjoy homemade desserts.

You can follow their social networks on Facebook, Instagram @OrigenTostadoresdeCafe or go to the place to live the experience: Stores 295, Surquillo; or at Av. Bolívar 1199, Pueblo Libre.

class="lazy"> class="lazy">ORIGIN COFFEE ROASTERS. (Photo: Facebook: @origentostadoresdecafe)>>
ORIGIN COFFEE ROASTERS. (Photo: Facebook: @origentostadoresdecafe)

They are called the best cultural environment to enjoy a good natural and organic coffee with its accompaniments of the day, such as homemade desserts or even beers with added coffee. Here they roast the bean, grind it, and proceed to make coffee-based magic with various types of extraction methods.

You can go to their store located at Av. Horacio Urteaga 1226, Jesús María; follow their social networks on Facebook or on their Instagram @Pausa_cafe.

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COFFEE BREAK (Photo: Diffusion)

It’s a coffee shop pet-friendly where coffee is drunk as a ceremonial ritual, customers are treated kindly, they also offer cold options with and without caffeine; others opt for a hot Matcha latte. In this season they have a coffee from Huaranchal, from Otuzco.

In order to live this experience, visit their store at Calle Alcanfores 350 B, Miraflores; entering their Facebook to find out about their news and on Instagram @MilenariaCafe.

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MILLENNIAL COFFEE (Photo: Diffusion)

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