Versus / National . Tacuary, great match with aspirations to reach the top

Versus / National . Tacuary, great match with aspirations to reach the top
Versus / National vs. Tacuary, great match with aspirations to reach the top
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3 Sep 09:16

In the most attractive game on Saturday, Nacional hosts Tacuary at the Arsenio Erico stadium, both seeking to stay at the top of the standings.

Tacuary accumulates an important streak of five consecutive games without defeats and having harvested 12 of the last 15 points in dispute, which allowed him to be two points from the top.

Nacional, for its part, which had lost a couple of dates before Libertad, has just defeated Guaireña and took advantage of the braking of all those above to get back in as one of the escorts of the leaders and this Saturday will seek to put pressure on the that is close by and that they play on Sunday.

The game starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be arbitrated by Derlis López.


NATIONAL: Santiago Rojas; Juan Franco, Rolando García, Miguel Jacquet and Claudio Núñez; Gustavo Caballero, Jordan Santacruz, Rubén Ríos and Orlando Gaona Lugo; Francisco Morel and Facundo Bruera. DT: Pedro Sarabia.

TACUARY: Carlos Servin; Luis Cabral, Luis Martínez, Igor Ribeiro and Néstor Giménez; Iván Valdez, Marcos Benítez, Marcelo Paredes, Emanuel Biancucchi and Lucas Sanabria; George Ortega. DT: Ivan Almeida.


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Paraguayan Soccer

3 Sep 08:00

Days ago the auction of the headquarters of the General Díaz club located in the city of Luque had been taken. The delegate of Olimpia Julio Jiménez, was the one who was awarded the property in the auction and at that time, he had stated that he did it on behalf of a third party.

And this Friday it was learned that the third in question is the South American Football Confederation, which has its headquarters just meters from the stadium that previously belonged to General Díaz.

“Through a significant investment, the Confederation incorporated a property located near its headquarters in Luque. The facilities acquired include a playing field, changing rooms, bleachers and other facilities,” the entity reported through its website.

As they expressed, the property will be destined especially for the formative categories. “The important investment was approved by the Conmebol Council and is aimed, above all, at supporting the training categories of South American soccer in both genders, which will serve as the venue for tournaments, training meetings, sports camps and similar activities,” it was stated. reported.

The auction of the property was made for 25.100 million guaraníes, which at the current exchange rate is 3.6 million dollars. In this way, officially the General Díaz club is without its historic headquarters.


Closure 2022

2 Sep 21:23

In a duel of teams fighting for permanence, Resistencia and General Caballero did not take advantage of each other in Los Jardines del Kelito and shared points.

Although the game was mostly even, in the complementary Resistencia he took the initiative to go forward and motivate several saves by Juanito Alfonso, the red goalkeeper, in addition to crashing a couple of shots into the posts.

General Caballero tried, but with more disorder, since he was unable to find clarity as Guillermo Hauché and Osvaldito Martínez did not have a good night. Neither could Elías Alfonso unbalance on the right and on the left, Yeiber Murillo played an even more defensive role in large part.

The “Mallorcan Red” adds a point again for the second consecutive game, but has already gone four games without being able to win, which places it at the bottom of the Clausura table and still in the relegation zone of the average table.

Resistencia, for its part, also came from a draw last date against Olimpia and with this Friday, it added its third equality in its last four games. Even so, his situation is not as overwhelming as that of his rival on duty and he still breathes easy.

  • 23
    Rhuan Dos Santos
  • two
    jonathan roa
  • 4
    Oscar Brizuela
  • twenty-one
    Juan Recalde
  • twenty
    Wildo Alonso
  • 17
    Fernando Escobar
  • 7
    Wilfrido Baez
  • 14
    Eduardo Aranda
  • 6
    Alexander Quintana
  • 22
    Osmar Molinas
  • 32
    Jorge Colman
  • eleven
    paul palaces
  • 29
    Ronaldo Martinez
  • 30
    Ariel Recalde
  • 9
    Diego Martinez
  • 10
    matthew busts
  • Robert Torres

  • 1
    Juanito Alfonso
  • 26
    Eduardo Duarte
  • 5
    Junior Barreto
  • 18
    Jorge gonzalez
  • 24
    Thomas Lezcano
  • 17
    Elijah Alfonso
  • eleven
    Frank Coast
  • 16
    Joseph Vera
  • 22
    William Hauche
  • 14
    Yeiber Murillo
  • 23
    Leonardo Rolon
  • 10
    Osvaldo Martinez
  • 8
    John Heinze
  • 27
    Federico Rasic
  • Gustavo Florentin


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