Attack on Cristina Kirchner: the opposition decides whether to attend the session of Deputies to repudiate the assassination attempt

Diego Santilli, national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires of Together for Change, arrives at the National Congress for the special session for the attempt on the life of Vice President Cristina Kirchner. (Nicolas Stulberg)

The assassination attempt suffered by Cristina Kirchner at the door of her house in Recoleta generated a cataract of condemnations of violence by the main referents of all political sectors. However still it is uncertain if the opposition will attend the special session in the Chamber of Deputies convened for today at 12 noon, as a sign of repudiation of the attack against the vice president.

The call is from 12 o’clock. There, in principle, a draft resolution would be discussed to repudiate the “attempted assassination.” But the idea of ​​officialdom and the text written by Cecilia Moreaunew president of the body, aroused doubts and questions in the opposition.

The president of the PRO bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, Christian Ritondoagreed with the ruling party on the need for the Lower House to provide an “institutional repudiation” of the attack that occurred against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, within the framework of the special session called for this noon, but expressed his disagreement in linking that pronouncement with the “hate speeches”.

Deputy Martín Tetaz arrives at Congress for the special session for the attempt on the life of Vice President Cristina Kirchner. (Nicolas Stulberg)

“In the session there will be an institutional repudiation. Congress must repudiate the attempted murder suffered by the vice president. But we do not agree with the text that the Front of All has presented, with the part that has to do with hate speech and with putting the responsibility on the opposition and the media”, Ritondo said in statements to the press upon entering the venue.

As Ritondo explained this morning, from JxC they are not going to endorse the part of the text that talks about hate speech, and he maintained that what “they come to repudiate is violence”“It is an institutional fact that must be answered, we must wait for justice to resolve it and that he be imprisoned for as long as he has to go” the accused of committing the attack, said the opposition legislator.

Cecilia Moreau, head of the Chamber of Deputies after the departure of Sergio Massa to head the Ministry of Economy, states in the foundations of the project that “for several years we have been witnessing different expressions in our country that incite violence and hatred. These discourses arise from different political, cultural, judicial, and media spaces.”.

The bench led by deputy Ritondo is where the greatest rejection reigns, since they consider that participating in the special session contributes to “feeding the show” that the ruling party is putting together around a “repudiable act.”

Cecilia Moreau called a session for this Saturday (Maximilian Luna)
Cecilia Moreau called a session for this Saturday (Maximilian Luna)

The Block Leaders of Together for Change had a zoom meeting yesterday afternoon. Although they decided not to make any decision pending a possible speech by Cristina Kirchner, Alberto Fernández or referents of the ruling party in the Plaza de Mayo. They agreed to meet again later, to unify criteria after analyzing how the Government’s discourse was evolving. Also maintained contacts with Germán Martínezhead of the caucus of the Front of All.

Finally, Cristina Kirchner did not speak, but in the Plaza de Mayo a document was read that insists on the same line. “For several years, a tiny sector of the political leadership and its party media has been repeating a speech of hate, of denial of the other, of stigmatization, of criminalization of any popular leader or those related to Peronism, and even of any sympathizer. ”read the actress Alejandra Darín, the only speaker of the afternoon.

After 8 p.m., Alberto Fernández posted a thread on Twitter with a more conciliatory message: “We must build consensus among all sectors of society to defend democracy and restore social peace.”

Cristian Ritondo's message on social media
Cristian Ritondo’s message on social media

After a meeting of the National Table of the PRO, the virtual meeting with the block leaders of the UCR, Evolución and the Civic Coalition was repeated.

The negotiations will continue today at the Parliamentary Labor meeting where the ruling party will seek to avoid the shipwreck of the session. The deputies of the Left Front will give a quorum, as will those of the United Provinces interblock. For his part, José Luis Espert announced that he will vote against (but he will go): “I do not accept that Justice, journalists and the opposition are propagators of hate speech. That is exclusive to the Government. For the ruling party, opening the session with the minimum quorum would be a Pyrrhic victory. It needs Together for Change.

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