Claudisabel had talked to her mother before the accident.

Claudisabel had talked to her mother before the accident.
Claudisabel had talked to her mother before the accident.

Çlaudisabel died in a tragic car accident after having been in Castanheira de Pêra to perform on the mobile stage of ‘Domingão’, on SIC.

The singer would be traveling home, in the Algarve, alone when there was a collision on Highway 2 (A2), near Alcácer do Sal.

The news was highlighted on Portuguese television morning programs and Fernando Correia Marques, who was close to the singer, spoke with João Baião and Diana Chaves.

“According to what I’m told, it was someone who went against her, more than that I don’t know. These are details that I won’t go into”, he said.

Out of respect for the family, Fernando Correia Marques did not share more details, but he also said that the artist “had been talking to her mother shortly before, saying that everything was fine”.

“I’m very worried about Raquel and Claudisabel’s father, because Raquel called me at 2:30 in the morning to say that something had happened to Cláudia, but I didn’t understand why she was just crying and screaming. morning through a friend that something had happened, and what we didn’t want to know was confirmed. I don’t know what to say anymore”, she shared with the presenters.

“Raquel was always with her, this time she didn’t come. And maybe that’s why she was more worried, and then she’s an only child”, he added.

After the phone call with Fernando Correia Marques, João Baião and Diana Chaves sent a word of comfort to Claudisabel’s family.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the commander of the Mixed Firefighters of Alcácer do Sal, Valdemar Gonçalves, confirmed the news of the death of Claudisabel, stage name of Cláudia Isabel Leiria Madeira, and stressed that the car in which the singer was traveling overturned following the collision and that rescue operations involved carrying out “extrication and advanced rescue work”.

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