‘Golden meat’ chef angers Messi after World Cup title

Messi won his first World Cup with Argentina and, on the pitch, he was highly regarded by everyone. One of those who tried to contact the Argentine idol was Nusret Gokce, known as Salt Bae and who gained notoriety during the competition in Qatar because of the gold-plated meat at the restaurant in the country.

In the video, Salt Bae appears on the pitch, after winning Argentina, trying to greet Messi at all costs, even pulling him by the arm.

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At another moment, Salt Bae even posed holding the trophy together with Di Maria, another Argentine star, even hitting the trophy with his silver ring.

It is worth remembering that, according to FIFA rules, only a “very select group of people” can touch the trophy, including World Cup winners and heads of state, which made many people question why Salt Bae was there. .

It is worth remembering that Argentina beat France on penalties, when the South American country converted four kicks, while France converted only two. With the ball rolling, the score was 3-3, with Messi scoring twice and Mbappé scoring all three goals for France.


The subject around Salt Bae went viral here in Brazil after some Brazilian athletes went to his restaurant, where they consumed the famous “gold-plated meat”.

Ronaldo Phenomenonwas even there consuming the famous local delicacy alongside Gabriel Jesus, Vini Jr and Éder Militão.

However, many Brazilians ended up criticizing the football player’s attitude for spending too much on food, claiming that many Brazilians are starving while he consumed millions at the famous Nusr-Et steakhouse.

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In an interview with the PodPah podcast, the former athlete countered the criticisms made about the consumption of gold-plated meat: “If you ate the gold-plated meat, that’s the guy’s problem. It’s a hell of a dining experience too, and you’re in a place you probably won’t come back to. There’s nothing wrong. Including, if you go with a little common sense, it can be inspiring to other people. There are things that we are better off completely ignoring, but you see such a continuity of hate speech…”

“But it is envy, cowardice, it is disproportionate. I don’t expect anything from these people, I just think that football is an escape valve for so many people in our country… The guy makes a chronicle throwing the player in the middle of politics, of the bandits. These people don’t have my respect and they are not relevant in the world of football either,” he continued.

“We should be more careful, especially those who have the microphone in their hands, to convey opinions with more responsibility. Then you enter a question of society that makes no sense. The guy is eating golden puff meat and there are 50 million people starving in Brazil. These are disconnected things that are playing in the cake”, concluded Ronaldo Fenômeno.

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