National Day offers 92 tires .. the latest offers of car tires on the Saudi National Day 2022 from the most famous brands

National Day offers 92 tiresIn light of the approaching date of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s celebrations of the 92nd National Day, companies and stores offer offers and discounts on their products to participate in the celebrations and to attract customers. On the health and safety of the driver and passengers with him, and through this article, we explain to you the car tire offers on National Day 2022, as well as the Redstone tire offers.

National Day offers 92 tires

The 92nd National Day offers are among the offers that many shop owners and various institutions are racing to offer on the occasion of Saudi National DayWhere many stores, manufacturers and importers of tires and tires have launched a variety of splendor, with international specifications, high quality and low prices, to have an effective role in the National Day shows and celebrations.

Tires offers 2022

Tire offers 2022 are one of the exclusive offers for this year, which many car owners of all categories and types are looking for, small or large, owners or light or heavy transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cars, the importance of which comes from the need to maintain and review them on a regular basis and change them periodically so that the owner of the car, driver or passenger does not have a problem or a traffic accident, God forbid. And the way in which the driver consumes the tires of the car. You can also check out National Day 92 offers car insurance.

National Day car tires

Car tires offers on National Day 2022

represent Car tires 2022 offers on National Day Of great importance to Saudi citizens, through which tires are obtained at low and distinctive prices from agents of international brands, bearing in mind that the prices of tires within the Kingdom vary and vary according to size, type and manufacturer, while companies and stores have not yet disclosed the offers of the Saudi National Day 92, while last year’s National Day offers were as follows:

  • Offers for tires model WR17 96 235/50 size 17, about 557 SAR.
  • And offers for the model R17 112 H 265/65, size 17, about 699 Saudi riyals
  • While offers for tires model R19 102Y 245/45 size 19 are about 905 SAR.
  • And offers for tires model 285/50R20 112V size 20 are about 808 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, offers are available for tires model R21 107Y XL 295/35, size 21, for about 1413 Saudi riyals.
  • And offers for tires, model R19 101Y 275/40, size 19, are about 981 Saudi riyals.
  • There are offers for tires, model R21 101Y 265/40, size 21, for about 1201 Saudi riyals.
  • And tires model P245/60 R18 104H, size 18, are about 781 Saudi riyals.

Tire offers on National Day 2022
Tire offers on National Day 2022

National Day offers 92 redstone tires

Redstone always offers offers during Saudi National Day 92. Which is considered one of the best offers, the finest materials and a distinct brand with outstanding performance and high safety. Whereas, the Redstone Tire Factory is the first Korean tire factory that was established 77 years ago, ie in 1942 AD. It is affiliated with the Korean company Nexen, which is one of the top three tire manufacturers in South Korea. It is worth noting that the Redstone Tire Factory offers a large variety of tires for different types of cars. Such as passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks, and it also offers winter tires. It offers huge discounts and discounts in celebration of the 92nd National Day.

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