Herfy National Day Offers 1444

Herfy National Day Offers 1444
Herfy National Day Offers 1444

Herfy National Day Offers 1444 .. Many citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as businessmen and some families, are waiting for large and national events in the Kingdom in order to take advantage of discounts and discounts, as well as to compare the offers they offer and in which stores, shops and commercial chains in the Kingdom compete among themselves in order to attract citizens and stimulate the movement of buying and selling. In the Kingdom, many discounts are issued from hotels, as well as restaurants, cafes and stores, as well as food stores, watches and other stores in order to create movement and attract citizens to it. Among those restaurants is Herfy, who works to provide seafood and fish meals, as well as chicken such as broasted and meat, as well as burgers and other meals that compete with others In the discounts offered on meals and the offers that he makes in order to encourage individuals to buy from him according to these offers, there are many stores and restaurants that provide meals and goods at discounted prices on the National Day in order to celebrate this day and make individuals happy.

Herfy National Day Offers 1444

With the approach of the 92nd anniversary of the National Day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, preparations for Hervey Restaurant began.

In preparing its offers and offering discounts as well as the discounted meals it offers to citizens.

From its customers, besides celebrating the offers inside the restaurant and announcing discounts and offers.

On the official pages of the restaurant on social networking sites, especially Twitter.

There is the special meal, which consists of 4 burger sandwiches.

With 2 fries and 2 Pepsi for 20 Saudi riyals.

As for the double max sandwich with nacho triangles, cheese, potatoes and Pepsi, it costs 15 Saudi riyals.

Double Max, a large sandwich with apple pie, plus fries and Pepsi, for 15 riyals.

And a double max sandwich with jalapeno bites and fries with Pepsi at 15 Saudi riyals.

And if you are wondering how to get the offers advertised by Herfy.

All you have to do is one of the following steps, the first step

Go directly online to the restaurant’s official Herfy website.

Click on the word restaurants and then choose the offers, all offers will appear in front of you.

Special for Saudi National Day on the 92nd Anniversary.

As for the second step, you can open the official page of Herfy Restaurant on Twitter.

And browse the offers published on the official account of the restaurant.

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