Restaurant offers for the 92nd Saudi National Day, the strongest discounts and discounts for food restaurants and sweets stores

Restaurant Offers National Day 92 With the celebration of the Kingdom’s Unification Day approaching, the search for National Day offers is increasing in 92 restaurants, as various shops and major restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offer discounts and discounts on various dishes, types of food and meals, and the citizens of the Kingdom will attend on the 23rd of this September 2022, corresponding to the 27th of the month Safar of the year 1444 AH, marking the 92nd year of the Kingdom’s founding at the hands of King Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God have mercy on him – in 1932 AD / 1351, and through the Thaqafni news site, we will learn about all the offers of Ramses restaurants, Harvey, Al Ardi and Shami restaurants, Al Mousa Sweets Store and other restaurants The other, follow us to the end to find out in detail and accurately.

Restaurant Offers National Day 92

In addition, various restaurants and shops in the Kingdom offer food of various types and shapes in all Saudi cities. They also offer the best discounts and discounts on all food products, including snacks and fast foods, on the occasion of the ninety-second Saudi National Day, starting from the twenty-third of September 2022. .

National Day offers discounts restaurants

One of the best restaurants serving delicious meals Shami Restaurants Which owns many chicks in various cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it offers discounts on meals at lunch and dinner, where every citizen or resident inside the Kingdom, starting from Friday, September 23, 2022, can get one of the following offers:

  • At a price of 92 Saudi riyals, including tax, a box of chopped Arabic shawarma sandwiches, with potatoes and sauces.
  • Also at a price of 92 Saudi riyals per kilo of mixed grills with spaghetti pasta dish, hot and spicy appetizers and Pepsi
  • You can also check out other offers Shami Restaurants On the Saudi National Day in the pictures below.

Restaurant discounts for National Day 92

Various restaurants, food stores and sweets also offer special offers, as Harvey Restaurant is among the most prominent restaurants that offer discounts on burgers, while Al Mousa Sweets Store offers cake offers in its various branches in Saudi Arabia, while Ramses Restaurant is characterized by providing full meals for families at a reasonable price. The following are the various restaurant offers offered on the occasion of the Saudi National Day

The restaurant or the store Restaurant offers Saudi National Day 92

Al Mousa Sweets Store

  • The National Day festive cake for only 92 riyals.
  • Offer 2 small regular cakes at 92 riyals.
  • Offer a plate of baklava with a box of citrus at a price of 92 riyals.
  • Offer a petitfour dish with a box of citrus at a price of 92 riyals.

Harvey’s Restaurant

4 burger sandwiches with 3 fries and Pepsi at a price of 20 riyals only, and it starts on September 11 for a limited time.
Ramses Restaurant For only 92 riyals:
  • 2 kilo grills.
  • 2 bowls of rice with vermicelli.
  • Also a regular molokhia dish.
  • Small moussaka casserole.
  • Cold appetizer.
  • Pepsi drink.
  • 4 assorted meals of the customer’s choice at a price of 92 riyals only.
  • Also, 4 assorted burger meals at a price of 92 riyals only.
  • Discounts up to 22%.
Restaurants on Bali

As well as the moment of Qana restaurant in Dammam

  • “So we reversed it” offer at a price of 29 Saudi riyals. Breakfast for two consists of: (Shakshouka, scrambled eggs, zaatar manoucheh, cheese manoucheh, and two cups of red tea), the offer starts from September 15 until the end of September.
  • Grills section: offers a kilo of grills (shish tawook / awsal / kebab) at a price of 92.92 Saudi riyals.
Pampa Grill Restaurant Narcissus Hotel Riyadh
  • Argentinian grills starting at 300 SAR, and the offer is valid only on Thursday and Friday, September 22 and 23.
Also Durrat Al Rafidain Restaurant in Riyadh
  • 5 kilos of mixed grills with appetizers, green salad and a family drink at a price of 180 riyals + free delivery, and to order, you can call (0556650103).
Narcissus Al Hamra Hotel Restaurant in Jeddah
  • Dinner buffet at 192 riyals and the second person for free, and the offer ends on September 30th
While Lotus Restaurant at the Millennium Hotel in Makkah

Then Sarmad Restaurants in Jeddah

  • It offers an open buffet lunch and dinner at a price of 92 riyals per person, with the buffet available for the third person for free, and the offer continues for 3 days from September 21 to 23.
  • Also, a 15% discount is offered on the bill and on any order on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September, on the occasion of the Saudi National Day.

Here we bring you to the end of this article, in which we touched on the most important offers offered by restaurants in Saudi Arabia on the occasion of the 92nd Saudi National Day.

The article is in Arabic

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