National Day 92 Jarir offers the strongest offers on mobile phones on the occasion of the National Day celebrations

There are always a number of different offers on the National Day in Saudi Arabia, so we learn about the offers of the 92nd National Day, Jarir, because this store offers huge offers that will not happen during the year except on the National Day only, and many citizens are looking for these offers, and this day falls on the 23rd September, which is the anniversary of the announcement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many other discounts are held in various stores, and the occasion of this day was the unification of Saudi Arabia.

National Day Offers 92 Jarir

National Day Offers 92 Jarir

Jarir Bookstore provides a lot of goods and products of high quality, and there are many different sections, such as phones, electronics, all school tools and children’s toys, and what Saudis are looking for most are phone offers, which are as follows:

  • Huawei Type P50 Pro phone: 256 GB, golden color, and its price is 3000 riyals.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 4Z phone: 256 GB, beige color, its price is 6800 riyals.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 4Z phone: 512 GB, black, and its price is 7400 riyals.

Jarir Bookstore offers on electronic devices 2023

Jarir Bookstore offers on electronic devices 2023

There are many offers for the National Day 92 Jarir that the library offers on electronic devices, such as:

  • Huawei Wireless Free Buds: 900 riyals.
  • Blue Enobol microphone for all computers: 270 riyals.
  • Unique Heldro phone cover: 149 riyals.
  • Silicone case for Samsung bracelet: 179 riyals.

Book prices in Jarir Bookstore

Book prices in Jarir Bookstore
Book prices in Jarir Bookstore

The library also offers many books on which a number of offers are presented, such as:

  • Fear book: 53 riyals.
  • Saudi Deal card game: 115 riyals.
  • Black Night Game: 89 riyals.
  • A letter of permission to leave: 46 riyals.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Book: 65 riyals.
  • Al-Jassasah Book: 69 riyals.
  • The complete secrets of self-confidence book: 30 riyals.
  • Jackro wooden game: 199 riyals.
  • Rubix sets: 79 riyals.
  • The book of life feelings: 64 riyals.
  • Harry Potter the cursed child book: 55 riyals.
  • Power bank 10000 mAh, black color: 79 riyals.
  • Control your situations book: 57 riyals.

National Day Offers 92 Jarir

The library also displays many new offers on the occasion of the 92nd National Day:

  • Xiaomi water-saving faucet: 129 riyals.
  • Black laptop bag: 89 riyals.
  • HyperX microphone: 419 riyals.
  • Zoro Itti Betty Brits game: 219 riyals.
  • Catel Smart Telo: 299 riyals.
  • Amazon smart display screen, second generation, Echo Show 5: 369 riyals.
  • Power bank 20000 amp Belkin Post brand: 129 riyals.
  • Clay Rocco Bites: 29 riyals.

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