Who is Kamal El Oudghiri – Wikipedia

Who is Kamal Al-Wadghiri on Wikipedia? Kamal Al-Wadgiri is considered one of the personalities that has received global attention, as he has occupied a great position on social networking sites, and he works in the field of engineering, and he is one of the most famous engineers in the Arab world. By supervising some of the vehicles on the surface of Mars, and we get to know you through these lines about who Kamal Al-Wadghiri is from Wikipedia.

Who is Kamal El Oudghiri – Wikipedia

There has been much talk about the engineer specialized in the space world, Kamal Al-Wadghiri, who is one of the most famous personalities in the Arab world. In communications engineering, Kamal has supervised a group of spacecraft during his work, and he is currently working in the global space agency NASA.

Kamal El Oudaghiri Biography

During his career, Kamal Al-Wadghiri occupied a great position, by tracking space experiments and supervising spacecraft, and here are the points we have collected for you about his following biography:

  • Full name: Kamal Al-Wadghiri.
  • The date of birth was 1968 AD
  • Where is the place of birth: Fez – Morocco.
  • How old is he: 53 years old.
  • What nationality: Moroccan.
  • Postgraduate Certificate: Postgraduate Studies in Communications Engineering.
  • What to do: With NASA.
  • What is marital status: Married.
  • Professed religion: Islam.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Other languages: Moroccan dialect and English

The most prominent professional achievements of Kamal El Oudghiri

The astronaut Muhannad Kamal Al-Wadghiri presented a number of important works that brought him many successes, and one of his most important works is his work at NASA.

  • Worked at the Cold Corn Laboratory (CIL).
  • Kamal is also considered one of his most prominent roles in more than one NASA space mission.
  • It takes on the missions of the Mars Exploration Team, “Opportunity”, “Rovers”, “Curiosity” and “Spirit”.
  • He also worked on Cassini, an international mission whose target was Saturn.
  • Moon Cup.
  • Juno’s mission is taken over.
  • And he took over the task of supervising the landing of the Opportunity and Spirit rovers on the surface of Mars.
  • And he did the missionary to Mars, and that of the Cassini mission.
  • Ka and that he is currently working on communications with the future space station that NASA plans to install on the moon.
  • He is open-minded and generous, and also strives to build bridges between Western and African scholars for the benefit of children.

Thus, we brought you to the conclusion of our article about who is Kamal El Oudghiri on Wikipedia, where we got to know all the information about him, where he works, and his most important professional achievements.

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