Who is Marwan Khoury’s fiancee?

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Who is Marwan Khoury’s fiancée on Wikipedia? The Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury is one of the most favorite artists of many people in the Arab world, thanks to the warmth of his voice and the romantic words that make up his songs, and despite his distinguished romance, he remained celibate for a long time before his beloved fell into his net, so through my articles you will We know who is Marwan Khoury’s fiancee.

Who is Marwan Khoury’s fiancee?

The fiancee of the Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury is sand dewAnd they separated during their engagement, and the water returned to normal after a short period, and it is worth noting that they had married several days ago on the island of Cyprus, because the artist Khoury is a Christian of religion and his beloved is a Muslim of religion, as their marriage was a civil marriage in the presence of a few friends and relatives, as well Khoury is the second husband for Nada Ramal. Before that, she married an unknown man, and she bore him three children. As for Marwan Khoury, she is the first wife for him.

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Nada Ramal Biography

The most important information and details related to Nada Rammal’s biography can be mentioned as follows:

  • full name: sand dew.
  • place of birth: I was born in the Lebanese Arab Republic.
  • Nationality: She holds the Lebanese nationality.
  • Religion: She embraces the Islamic religion.
  • Sect: Shiite.
  • Current spouse’s name: Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury.
  • Ex-husband’s name: unknown.
  • number of children: three sons.

What is the religion of Nada Ramal?

The Lebanese woman Nada Rammal, the wife of the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury, is embracing Islamic religionBecause of this, the artist Khoury married his beloved on the island of Cyprus, so the marriage of the couple had to take place in a country that supports civil marriage, as the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury embraces the Christian religion, and neither of them deceived his religion, but rather they got married and each of them is satisfied with his religion and morals.

What is the nationality of Nada Ramal?

The wife of the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury; Lady Sands Nada Lebanese origin and nationalityShe was born in one of the towns of the Arab Republic of Lebanon, grew up and grew up, and also met her current husband, Marwan Khoury. It is mentioned that the two lived together a wonderful love story for a long time before they got engaged and then got married, and it is worth noting that Nada Ramal is the only one who was able to win the love of The Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury, who remained celibate for more than fifty years before he met his beloved, known as “Marwan Khoury’s Secret Lover” and married her.

At the end of this article, we got acquainted with his lines on Who is Marwan Khoury’s fiancee?We also got acquainted with the most important information related to her biography, as well as the most important information and details related to the artist Khoury.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did Marwan Khoury and Nada Ramal marry?

    The couple, Marwan Khoury and Nada Rammal, got married on the twelfth of December of the current year 2022 AD.

  • How old is Marwan Khoury at marriage?

    The artist, Marwan Khoury, got married a few days ago, at the age of fifty-four.

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