Who is Lina Ashkar on Wikipedia?

Who is Lina Ashkar on Wikipedia?
Who is Lina Ashkar on Wikipedia?

Who is Lina Ashkar Wikipedia? Lina Ashkar, who is the wife of the FIFA President, received wide interest from the public in the football field, and she had participated in the activities of the World Cup that was being held in the State of Qatar, and she expressed her great joy in encouraging the Saudi people when The victory over the Argentina national team at the start of the competition, the followers searched through the personal information about Lina Al-Ashqar so that she could be known more through the following Sahara Network article.

Who is Lina Ashkar on Wikipedia?

She is Lina Al-Ashqar, who was born in the town of Bar Al-Khraiba, which is located in the Chouf district in Lebanon, where the public did not discuss her date of birth, but some believed that she is forty years old. She currently resides in Nyon, Switzerland, and holds Lebanese nationality. She has been married since 2001 AD to Gianni Infantino holds the position of president of the Swiss-Italian FIFA, and he has four children with him. She also works as a secretary in the Lebanese Football Association, and her personality is widely known in the sports field.

What is Lina Ashkar’s message to the Algerian national team?

Lina Al-Ashqar sent a message to the Algerian national team before the start of the World Cup, where the text of the message that was circulated on social sites was as follows: “The Algerian national team will be in our hearts during the Qatar World Cup. When you lose, you say you must say: I will win tomorrow, and I hope to see the Algerian national team next time, and you are in our hearts.” She loved the Algerian people and wished them victory.

Who is Lina Al Ashqar’s husband?

Lina Al-Ashqar is married to Gianni Infantino, who lived and grew up in Switzerland, born on March 23, 1970 AD, at the age of 52, holds Swiss and Italian citizenship, and he held the position of secretary at the European Football Association, until he became the president of FIFA in the world. Her husband worked at the beginning as Director of Legal Affairs in FIFA, then worked as Secretary General, and then held many positions until he reached the position he is in now.

The most prominent achievements of the current FIFA President

Her husband worked on many reforms in clubs in the world after assuming the position of President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), where he decided that the World Cup will be in 2026 AD, in three countries, and the number of teams is 48 teams, distributed among a number of groups and many changes that he made since taking office.

Gianni Infantino supervised the expansion of the European Nations Championship, bringing its number to twenty-four teams, and it is held in thirteen European countries, and the government in Japan decided to introduce a new law in the field of sports in order to respond to it.

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