Urgent | The shirt agreement brings Messi closer to Al-Hilal..Will the deal be settled in the winter?

The past few hours witnessed exciting developments in the transfer of Argentine legend Lionel Messi to the first football team at Al Hilal Club.

And Messi, 35, is linked to a contract with the first football team of French club Paris Saint-Germain, until June 30 of 2023; Amid conflicting news about renewal or not.

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And in light of the controversy over the renewal with the French capital team .. Saudi and international reports revealed a “prospective” transfer of the Argentine legend to Al Hilal Club, in the current winter Mercato, “January 2023”. With the approach of lifting the penalty of deprivation of engagements, against the leader.

* Developments in Lionel Messi’s transfer to Al-Hilal Club

In this context, the newspaper “fotomac” announced the agreement of the Crescent administration, headed by Fahd bin Nafel, with Messi “indeed”; To join the ranks of the first football team.

However.. the newspaper denied Leo joining the Hilali leader, in the current winter Mercato, stressing that the deal will take place in the summer of 2023; After the end of the player’s contract, with Paris Saint-Germain.

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And revealed the start of Al-Hilal, Messi’s “shirts”, in the club’s stores; This was after the agreement with the Argentine legend, pending the official announcement of the deal.

For his part, the famous Italian sports journalist Rudi Galletti explained that the Saudi Football Association; make an effort; To settle Messi’s transfer deal, to Al-Hilal club, after Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr.

And Ronaldo, 37, joined Al-Nasr Club, in the current winter mercato “January 2023”; For two and a half seasons, for 500 million euros (2 billion Saudi riyals).

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Galetti indicated, in a tweet via his official account on the “Twitter” micro-blogging site, that the next few months; You will witness major developments in Messi’s future; Referring to closing the deal, in the summer, not this January.

And what confirms that the Messi deal to Al-Hilal will not be decided this winter, as some have said. This is what was mentioned by the sports journalist, Saleh Al Hanaki, through his official account on Twitter.

Al-Hanaki commented on the news of the transfer of the Argentine legend to Al-Hilal, this winter. He said: “Void talk.. rumors whose purpose is known, so that the campaign to demand the opening of registration for the team, or its suspension, stops, following the speech of the former head of the Disputes Chamber, Yahya Al-Sharif; he has nothing to do with and does not know about the ban decision.”

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