Who is the Saudi Georgina look-alike?..more beautiful than Ronaldo’s girlfriend (witness)

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homeland- Spread on social networking sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pictures and videos of a Saudi girl who activists described as similar to the friend of the new star of Al-Nasr Club, Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez.

Who is similar to Georgina Saudi Arabia?

It later became clear that the video circulated was of the famous Saudi social media and TikTokr, Reem Al-Anzi, who appeared in a look similar to Georgina’s during Al-Nasr’s celebration of her friend Ronaldo at a ceremony presented to the public.

It became clear that there was a great similarity between Reem and Georgina, and that she wore the same make-up as Ronaldo’s friend and wore the same clothes, the similarities between them greatly increased.

Like Georgina of Saudi Arabia

And a Saudi-like Georgina appeared in a widely circulated video clip, while she was inside a car and dressed in the same fashion as Georgina, imitating her in her movements and words.

Reem Al-Enezi said, according to what (Watan) monitored, after she gave the greeting in English: “Hello and welcome,” which are the same words as Georgina Rodriguez at the Al-Nasr Club celebration.

The clip was met with great interaction among the activists, who were divided between mocking and supporting her.

While some argued that there is basically no similarity between them, others confirmed that Reem Al-Enezi is indeed similar in these looks to Georgina and that she is also more beautiful than her, according to their description.

Like Georgina of Saudi Arabia

Like Georgina of Saudi Arabia

Like Georgina of Saudi Arabia

Georgina Rodriguez had arrived in Saudi Arabia a few days ago, accompanied by her friend Cristiano Ronaldo and their children, after the “Don” completed his historic deal with the Saudi club Al-Nasr.

Ronaldo joined the ranks of victory and will play in the Saudi , for an imaginary amount that made him the most expensive player in the world, at a value of 200 million euros annually.

Reem Al-Enezi, similar to Georgina, appears in a new clip and is in pain

And after the fame that the Saudi TikTokr gained, Reem Al-Anzi, due to the similarity between her and Georgina, she appeared in a new clip with a friend of hers.

A similar to Saudi Georgina was complaining in the video, which was monitored by (Watan), of pain in her stomach, and hinted that she was envious after the spread of her pictures and clips.

Where her friend, who appeared next to her, commented by saying: “Eye, remember God, people.”

Many famous women on social media, and many fashion models as well, became fascinated by Ronaldo’s girlfriend, who gained international fame because of her relationship with the global star, and began to imitate her in every detail of her life, from her clothes and fashion to her way of speaking, hairstyle and makeup as well.

In this context, many activists had accused the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, of imitating Georgina Rodriguez and trying to become a copy of her in everything.

Ronaldo and Georgina and an exciting relationship

Although Ronaldo’s girlfriend had children with him and lives with him in one house and always accompanies him, they do not have a marriage relationship until now, which raises widespread controversy about their relationship that began years ago to this day.

Cristiano Ronaldo is keen on Georgina always appearing with him on all occasions, and her presence was remarkable at the last World Cup in Qatar.

Rodriguez appeared in the Qatari capital, Doha, throughout the tournament, strongly encouraging Ronaldo, but Portugal, led by Ronaldo, was out of the eight round at the hands of the Atlas Lions.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is very popular around the world, and is considered one of the legends of the football game.

Ronaldo finally decided to conclude his football career in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by playing for the Saudi club Al-Nasr, and he will also be an ambassador for Saudi Arabia in its bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

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