The cause of the death of Dr. Mirona Asfour, the Jordanian doctor, and her family’s comment… Who is she?

Jordanian media sources announced the details of the cause of the death of Dr. Mirona Asfour, a shift doctor at Jordan University Hospital, today, Thursday, August 25, 2022, while her family issued an official statement about the information circulated.

And media sources reported that the cause of the death of Doctor Mirona Asfour came after she ended her life by jumping from the ninth floor while working at the University of Jordan Hospital, while revealing new details about this incident.

According to the Jordanian Roya website, the incident of the resident doctor who threw herself from the ninth floor topped the social media platforms, explaining that she was one of the doctors residing in the hospital and had announced her intention to commit suicide on the communication sites.

And the site quoted a Source – he did not mention – that the doctor stood at a table in the housing designated for doctors on duty, jumped from the window of the ninth floor and fell to the ground, indicating that the death was due to the presence of multiple fractures and severe bleeding that led to death, stressing that there is no criminal suspicion.

The cause of the death of Doctor Mirona Asfour:

In turn, the family of the late doctor Mirona Asfour called on the media and social media activists to stop circulating rumors about the causes of their daughter’s death, calling on everyone to pray for their daughter for mercy and forgiveness.

The family said in a press statement published by Jordanian media that it had received many publications and questions from journalists about the death, and some of what was circulated were pure lies, which added to the family’s pain.

According to the statement, in this regard, the family wishes to clarify that their dear daughter, Mirona, was suffering from severe depression and sadness after the death of her mother, especially since Mirona was the only daughter of her parents and was very attached to her mother, who died at the end of the year 2020, shortly before her graduation.

The family indicated, according to what was stated in the press release, that despite trying to help their daughter overcome the state of sadness and depression, the disease managed to do so.

The family urged journalists and media professionals to take into account the special circumstances of the family and give them a special space to grieve for their dear daughter, away from rumors, gossip and press interviews.

Who is Mirona Asfour?

According to the Jordan Today website, Mirona Asfour is a shift doctor at the University of Jordan Hospital. Her colleagues and friends have witnessed her good manners and manners. She was born in 1996 AD and is 26 years old.

Mirona Asfour lost her mother in late 2020, the loss affected her negatively. She always raved about death and talked about it, but even hinted at it through her accounts on social media.

And the last thing Mirona Asfour wrote on social platforms before her death was: “Remind me of goodness.

The death of the Jordanian doctor, Mirona Asfour, brought to the minds of Jordanians at the present time, the talk about suicide cases that occurred in the Kingdom during the current year, as the number increased, according to local media, to three in 2022.

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