Death of influencer Ali Spice at 21: his family suspects a car accident of criminal origin

Death of influencer Ali Spice at 21: his family suspects a car accident of criminal origin
Death of influencer Ali Spice at 21: his family suspects a car accident of criminal origin

The world of influence is in mourning. Alexandra Anne Dulin, known as Ali Spice on social networks, was the victim of a tragic road accident. His family confirmed his death this Sunday, December 18, 2022 on his Instagram account.

The world of influence is the dream of some social media addicts, but it is much less pink than it looks. Between burn-out, pressure from the public, brands, competition and cyberbullying, it is difficult to thrive in this activity over the long term. In France, Léna Situations has already mentioned in a moving video the violent phone calls received by her relatives. On social networks, everything always goes too fast and it only takes a little to create a snowball effect… Fortunately, very often, time becomes an ally for things to change. Still, influence requires having very solid shoulders, especially among the youngest.

And as if that weren’t enough, this end of the year is very cruel for influencers. At the beginning of December, it was first Megha Thakur who suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared at only 21 years old. His parents did not wish to communicate on the reasons for his disappearance, and his subscribers, respectful of this choice, quickly joined in their pain. Maja Majeska, another 39-year-old star influencer, was also found dead in bizarre circumstances. And as the law of series is terrible, a third influence also lost his life in this month of December…

Ali Spice, “a beautiful soul gone too soon”

The sad news was confirmed this Sunday, December 18 by his family with a statement posted on his Instagram account. His subscribers wishing to do so can go to two services organized in his memory on Friday, December 23, 2022, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Alexandra Anne Dulin, her real name, was best known for share her daily life as a waitress in the Hooters restaurant chain. On TikTok, his tribulations amused more than a million subscribers. She also shared photos and videos on Instagram.

Ali Spice’s family report that she was victim of a car accident in Florida. She also announced that an investigation had been opened to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy. The track of an original criminal is not ruled out: “Our family is working with the Florida police to solve this crime […] We are convinced that the person responsible will be arrested. If you have any information that you think is useful, give it to the Florida police. […] At this time, we don’t know who did this, or if the driver was in his normal state.” write his relatives on his Instagram account. Very saddened, Ali Spice’s subscribers let their grief burst: “A beautiful soul gone too soon, we will live fully for you“.

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