Black ice warning for large parts of northern Germany | – News

Black ice warning for large parts of northern Germany | – News
Black ice warning for large parts of northern Germany | – News

Status: 12/19/2022 06:03 a.m

Storm low “Franziska” brings freezing rain and thus black ice to northern Germany at the beginning of the week. Be careful outside, especially in the morning and mid-morning hours. In Lower Saxony, lessons are canceled in many schools today.

Last night, freezing rain fell, especially in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. For all of northern Germany, restrictions in road and rail traffic are to be expected, especially during rush-hour traffic due to black ice. Motorists should not rely solely on winter tires. Among other things, anticipatory driving and sufficient distance are important, said the DWD.

The first ice accidents have already been reported from Hamburg. In the Bergedorf district, for example, a driver drove into parked vehicles, and in the city center a driver rammed a post.

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Many school failures in Lower Saxony

On Sunday evening, the city and region of Hanover, the city and district of Oldenburg as well as the city and district of Cuxhaven, the cities of Braunschweig, Delmenhorst and Emden and the districts of Harburg, Ammerland, Cloppenburg, Hameln-Pyrmont, Holzminden, Vechta and Wesermarsch announced due to the weather conditions, that today there will be no classes at general and vocational schools. In the city and district of Göttingen, there are no classes at primary and secondary schools – but not at vocational schools. The reports were distributed via the KATWARN and NINA apps, among others. Further school cancellations are also reported via the traffic management center. In view of the threat of freezing rain, the pupils in Bremerhaven only have to go to school from the third lesson. The city announced on Sunday evening.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, parents do not necessarily have to send their children to school today because of the tense weather conditions. This was announced by the Ministry of Education in Schwerin. Adult students can decide for themselves whether they can and want to come to class. The German weather service predicted thunderstorms with freezing rain in West Mecklenburg from Monday morning, there is a risk of black ice. From midday, the freezing rain is expected to reach Western Pomerania. In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, classes should take place as usual.

It’s getting milder in northern Germany

Overall, it will be much milder throughout northern Germany than in the past few days – temperatures will rise to plus 2 degrees in eastern Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and up to 8 degrees in western Lower Saxony. Tomorrow it will remain mostly overcast with temperatures between 6 and 11 degrees, with rain or showers possible in some cases.


type="image/jpeg">A family walks across the frozen Dümmer See. © North West Media TV

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The first skaters and walkers dare to step onto the ice. Officially, however, the lake has not been released. (12/18/2022) 1 min

Lots of winter sports enthusiasts in the Harz Mountains

On Sunday it was still sunny and icy in many places – and so the other large ski areas in the Harz Mountains also started the season on the fourth weekend in Advent. “People want to enjoy the winter weekend,” said the manager of the Wurmberg cable car near Braunlage, Fabian Brockschmidt. Its ski area in Lower Saxony on the border with Saxony-Anhalt is the highest in the entire Harz region. The booking situation in northern Germany’s highest mountain range is good, said Andreas Lehmberg from the Harz Tourist Association. The hoteliers and landlords are mostly satisfied. Many accommodations are almost fully booked, for example in Bad Harzburg, Braunlage and Sankt Andreasberg. There is strong demand especially for the period from Boxing Day until the New Year. Above all, smaller, less well-known places still have capacity, according to Lehmberg. Spontaneous vacations are therefore possible.

What is a snowflake?

A snowflake is made up of many ice crystals a few micrometers in size. These in turn consist of water molecules. An ice crystal visible to the naked eye contains around a trillion water molecules. And because there are countless ways in which these molecules come together, experts assume that no two crystals are alike.
Many of these crystals then hook together to form a snowflake. The flakes are then on their way from their cloud to the earth for one to three hours. They change their appearance along the way. Depending on the weather, the snowflake can vary in size. Larger flakes tend to form when it is just below zero degrees.

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type="image/jpeg">A sunset at the beach in Dangast. © NDR Photo: Heiko de Boer

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type="image/jpeg">A car drives on an icy road. © dpa - Bildfunk Photo: Jens Büttner

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type="image/jpeg">ski lift. ©screenshot

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