The new life of Trevor Rees-Jones, the only survivor of Lady Di’s accident, is today head of security at Astrazeneca

The new life of Trevor Rees-Jones, the only survivor of Lady Di’s accident, is today head of security at Astrazeneca
The new life of Trevor Rees-Jones, the only survivor of Lady Di’s accident, is today head of security at Astrazeneca

A quarter of a century after car accident in Paris that caused the death of Princess Dianawhich occurred on August 31, 1997, life seems to smile at the sole survivor of that tragedy that shocked the world. Trevor Rees JonesHe then bodyguard of the mother of Princes William and Harrytoday enjoy a quiet family life and a thriving careerwell it is AstraZeneca security chiefthe UK-based pharmaceutical company that has developed one of the coronavirus vaccines. Furthermore, he amassed a significant fortune working for a US oil giant.

Rees-Jones, 54, who is rarely seen in public, lives with his wife, Ann, a teacher, two children and their dog in a single-family house in Oswestry, English county of Shropshire, which he bought four years ago. He still has scars on his face from that brutal accident on the Bridge of Soul, next to the Seine, in which, in addition to the princess and the Egyptian tycoon, Al-Fayed’s driver, Henri Paul, also lost his life.

150 titanium face pieces

Rees-Jones suffered serious head and chest injuriesI pass 10 days in a coma and the surgeons reconstructed his face with 150 pieces of titanium from an old photo of him.

After that blow of fate, the former paratrooper, who was married twice, suffered profound amnesia and there was a time when he could only communicate by whispering and writing in a notebook.

Half a year after the accident, went back to work for Mohammed Al-Fayed. She finally left him so she could turn the page and continue with his life.

And nothing has gone wrong for him since. She returned to her home county of Shropshire and for a time worked in a local sports shop.

oil shot

As the ‘Daily Mail’ reports, he then found a job in a security position for the United Nationsand even made a small fortune working for the oil services giant Halliburtonwhich included serving as chief of security for the Texan company in Iraq during the war in that country.

It is currently the Global Head of Security at AstraZenecathe firm behind Oxford University’s covid vaccine.

In the passenger seat

Rees-Jones was sitting in the passenger seat of the Mercedes that day in late August 1997 in Paris. So at 29, he broke all the bones in his face and suffered serious chest injuries. Although her face was completely crushed, the airbag saved her life that night.

Despite spending a month in hospital and not being able to speak at first, a year later he returned to playing rugby, as a French surgeon had promised him, as he recalls in his biography.

memories of the accident

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After the accident, Rees-Jones said he practically did not remember what had happened and that the last thing he remembered was getting into a Mercedes that was waiting for him outside the Ritz in Paris.

He also remembered Lady Di yelling Dodi Fayed’s name, that a white Fiat Uno was chasing them, and that the driver did not appear to be drunk. “I wanted to know what happened,” she said in an interview shortly before her book was published, ‘The Bodyguard’s Story’in 2000. “I’m the only person who could really tell people, but I can’t remember anything,” he said.

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