Understand what happened to Catherine Jemima Hughes, the grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer

Understand what happened to Catherine Jemima Hughes, the grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer
Understand what happened to Catherine Jemima Hughes, the grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer

The series Dahmer: An American Cannibal recounts the murders committed by the well-known serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer between 1978 to 1991, three of them committed while living with his grandmother, Catherine Jemima Hughes.

Although it is perfectly normal to think that Dahmer would have also murdered his own grandmother, the truth is that no, Jeffrey Dahmer did not kill his grandmother. On the contrary, Catherine Jemima Hughes was the only person for whom the serial killer showed affection.

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In December 1981, after Dahmer dropped out of college and was honorably discharged from the Army, his father Lionel believed that his grandmother could help him change his life, sending him to live with her in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA.

At first, Jeffrey followed Catherine’s rules at home and began working as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center, which lasted just ten months.

Reports at the time show that during this period Dahmer got into trouble with the law for indecent behavior in public.

Dahmer’s second job was as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory in 1985.

It was not until November 20, 1987 that Dahmer committed his first murder while living with his grandmother.

The victim, Steven Tuomi, was killed at the Ambassador Hotel, but Dahmer carried his body in a suitcase to Catherine’s house before disposing of it.

On January 16, 1988, Dahmer strangled James Edward Doxtator to death at his grandmother’s residence. Shortly thereafter, Richard Guerrero was drugged and strangled in the same house as West Allis.

Catherine was suspicious of her grandson, but never investigated the situation.

There is no certainty about Catherine’s knowledge of the murders, but Dahmer believed she was suspicious as she noticed unpleasant odors coming from the basement.

In 1989, Dahmer pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault and was sentenced to one year in prison with release from work and five years of probation.

After being released, the criminal moved back in with Catherine, but soon moved into an apartment in Milwaukee.

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Catherine was still alive when he was captured and imprisoned in 1991, dying at the age of 88 in 1992.

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