Who is Mahsa Amini? – Wikipedia

Who is Mahsa Amini Wikipedia, one of the most prominent and famous personalities in Iran, where she has many actions against women, the Iranian young woman who raised international human rights organizations after her death in an incident classified as a type of violence against women with the biography of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, to obtain more information about her, in addition to the reason for her arrest and the details of the interaction of those on Twitter with the news of her death.

Who is Mahsa Amini? – Wikipedia

Mahsa Amini, or the name of Gina Amini, a young woman of Iranian origin, on September 16, has become the focus of international attention due to the interference of international organizations in the investigation into the circumstances of her death.

Mahsa Amini Biography

The name Mahsa Amini is considered one of the most famous names in the world at this time, and we provide you with the most important information about it through the following points

  • Full name Mahsa Amini.
  • Other names for Gina Amini
  • Date of Birth Born on July 22, 2000 AD.
  • Place of birth Saqqaz City – Iran.
  • Date of death He died on September 16, 2022 AD.
  • Islam.
  • The sect is Shiite.
  • Military Status Single.
  • The siblings are known as “Kiarash”.
  • Place of death, the capital, Tehran, Iran.
  • Nationality He holds Iranian citizenship.
  • Ethnicity is the Kurds of Iran.
  • The mother tongue is Persian.
  • Other languages ​​Fluent in Kurdish.
  • Fame died in mysterious circumstances in Iran.

Mahsa Amini, how old is she?

Omar Mahsa Amini is approximately 22 years old, born on June 22, 2000 AD. Mahsa was young before her death, as she belonged to an Iranian-Kurdish family. It is worth noting that Mahsa’s death was a shock to the local and international community, especially since the cause of her death It concerns personal freedom.

Mahsa Amini arrested

On the 14th of this month, the morality police summoned the young woman, Mahsa Amini, who was arrested near the Shahid Haqqani metro station in the capital, Tehran, accompanied by her brother, and the security justification was that the arrest was just an accident, the routine examination without any case against her, but whispered to me She did not return to her home, as the security men had promised her family, as she died the day after her arrest.

The truth about the death of Mahsa Amini

After the “ethics” of the ethics officer, she arrested the young woman, Mohasa Amini, who was subjected to severe violence, and in different parts of her body, and after this news, angry voices rose in Iran to identify the perpetrators and prosecute them.

Mahsa Amini’s Twitter account

The global reaction was angry after Iranian news channels reported the death of the young woman, and the pioneers of the social networking site Twitter published the news with private pictures of the girl, while a large number interacted with the hashtag bearing the name of this girl, the woman amid calls for international action to stop violence against women in particular. Access the hashtag “Mahsa Amini” on Twitter.

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