Who is Hanan Farid El Deeb? – Wikipedia

Who is Hanan Farid El-Deeb from Wikipedia, one of the most prominent personalities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Hanan is one of the well-known media personalities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. She presented more than one media program in addition to being the ex-wife of the most famous artists in the Arab world. Who is Hanan? Fareed El-Deeb will answer her in addition to personal information about Hanan El-Deeb and who is her husband and.

Who is Hanan Farid El Deeb? – Wikipedia

Hanan El-Deeb is a media presenter and programs with Egyptian citizenship. He was born in the Arab Republic of Egypt and is likely to be in his fifties. Hanan comes from an Egyptian family and her father is a famous lawyer, Farid El-Deeb. After the separation, to ensure that her return to work had nothing to do with her dismissal.

Hanan Farid El-Deeb Biography

Hanan Farid is one of the most famous media personalities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the most important information about her biography is the following

  • Full name Hanan Farid El Deeb.
  • Date of Birth Born in the seventies of the last century.
  • Place of birth Cairo, capital of Egypt.
  • Nationality Egyptian Nationality.
  • Age is believed to be in his fifties.
  • Residence Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  • Occupation: Journalist and presenter.
  • Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication
  • Separate family situation.
  • The name of the ex-husband is Tamer Abdel Moneim.
  • The number of sons is 2 daughters.

Who is Hanan Farid El Deeb’s husband?

Hanan Farid El-Deeb married Tamer Abdel Moneim, an Egyptian actor and writer, born in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1973. He began his acting career from a young age, where he got many small roles, but his real fame began after his participation in the movie Prince of Darkness. He married the media, Hanan Deeb, and had children. Including two daughters, and after 14 years of marriage, he announced his divorce from her.

Who is Farid El-Deeb, the father of Hanan El-Deeb?

Farid El-Deeb is an Egyptian lawyer and politician. El-Deeb was widely known in the political arena after he tackled many thorny issues, including defending the late President Hosni Mubarak, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Labor, after which he joined the International Organization for Combating Crime in the League of Arab States.

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