Video of Marin Al-Haymar converting to Islam.. Who is Marin Al-Haymar Wikipedia, her nationality and origin

Video Marin the donkey converts to Islam And all the news sites began to speak and cover the media incident of the French model and reality TV star, Marin Al-Haymar, as pictures of her spread on all social networking sites while she was wearing the hijab, inside the Great Mosque of Mecca and inside the Great Mosque of Mecca. The recitation of the Qur’an after she officially announced through her account on Instagram that she pronounced the two testimonies and entered the true Islamic religion. the team Compass News Agency As usual, the full details that talk about her story, which aroused the curiosity of hundreds of thousands of people of different Arab and foreign nationalities, to learn about the story of her conversion to Islam, are included in this article, which includes general information about her, and all you have to do now is follow until the end.

Maren El Hemar, a French model who converted to Islam

In this paragraph, we assure you that French supermodel Maren Al-Haymar recently posted a video on her account on the social networking site Instagram, amid a great interaction from her followers: “She is from inside a mosque in France, where she repeated the two testimonies.”

And Marin Al-Himar, who is followed by thousands of people through her account, wrote, commenting on the video about her conversion to Islam, saying: “There are ways that you should take it alone, without family or friends, only between you and God. . “

The French model, whose name has become one of the most famous names on digital platforms, commented, “There are many people who know her decision to convert to Islam, and despite that they still ask her about this decision.”

The Nationality and Origin of Maren Himar on Instagram







Who is Marin the Donkey? – Wikipedia

In these lines, we have provided you with general information and a brief answer about who is Marin Al-Haymar, this girl is a French model, born in 1993, and she is now 29 years old.

According to the information available to her, Marine was born in Bordeaux, her father is Moroccan, and her mother is French, and she achieved great fame during her work as a model.

Marine Al-Hamar, the French reality TV star, now lives between Dubai and Paris, and it was previously rumored that she was linked to Moroccan player Ashraf Bencharki, the former player.

Khalil commented on his Twitter account: “Marin al-Himar, while hesitating to be martyred. The enemies of Islam do not understand why celebrities who joined the world under their feet and left it and entered Islam, and after all these billions they spend on distorting Islam in the media and creating rulers and sheikhs who put them on Muslim countries.” To seduce them.. and expel them from their religion.”

And we continue with you in our article in which he dealt with the story of the conversion of French supermodel Maren Al-Haymar to Islam, where Abdel Aziz Al-Maghraby commented: “A few days ago, the American boxer Andrew Tate announced his conversion.” To Islam, and won the world championship in kickboxing hours ago: the famous French media, Marine Al-Hammer, announced her conversion to Islam, and her picture was covered with a veil. And amid the ashes of falsehood, these promising scenes come to confirm that this religion is guaranteed by God with his victory, so do not worry.”

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