Wadih George Wassouf’s wife, Wikipedia, who is she, his children, and all information about them

Wadih George Wassouf’s wife, Wikipedia, who is she, his children, and all information about them

After the death and departure of the son of the great Arab artist, George Wassouf, who is Wadih, the eldest son of George Wassouf, in a state of great sadness during his funeral today, he was in a state of crying, shock and great collapse, and all had watched the videos, and all according to the great state of grief that his family went through, his family Wadih George Wassouf, farewell and after There were many questions about Wadih George Wassouf’s wife, and we answer the full questions for you.

Wadih George Wassouf was associated with Rola Shamieh, and his father may not have agreed to marry her at first, but after that a marriage took place between them, a marriage that took place more than 12 years ago. Or not, but the information that we received is that it did not appear in the life of Wadih George Wassouf, a relationship of friendship, nothing more, and in any case, sites published many news and did not confirm that the marriage of Shamia took place and they remained only friends.

As for the late Wadih Wassouf, he had a beautiful singing voice and a beautiful throat, but he did not sing professionally, although he had some songs that he sang, and his voice was very similar to his father’s, but he moved away from the scene and contented himself with encouraging his father and listening to his songs. He underwent surgery to sleeve the stomach, and he died in the hospital in a state of great sadness that loomed over the Arab media and art scene.

Wadih George Wassouf and the eldest son of the great Arab artist George Wassouf from his first wife, whom he married in France, and his father was also like what is the marriage proposal of Wadih his son from Sumaya, also his father had offered his father, the father of George Wassouf’s father, and he spent his offer when he wanted to marry Shalimar, but he married her and had children Meek.

Great artists are always of interest to everyone, and news of George will spread here and there. As for Wadih George Wassouf, we did not receive information other than what we told you about, but his farewell was a very, very difficult farewell. Sadness overshadowed the drawer greatly, and everyone George Wassouf mourned Wadih was a young man. Jamil came from thousands of different Arabs and had great fame like his father.

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