Updated: Who is Hams Fikri, the winner of Saudi Idol? – Snape, Hams Fikry, Wikipedia

Updated: Who is Hams Fikri, the winner of Saudi Idol? – Snape, Hams Fikry, Wikipedia
Updated: Who is Hams Fikri, the winner of Saudi Idol? – Snape, Hams Fikry, Wikipedia

Who is whispering Fikri? Saudi Idol winner – Snap whispered intellectual Wikipedia where the artist achieved the title of Saudi Idol in the last episode of the first season, at a time when she was able to obtain a production contract and work with Platinum Records to produce songs, artwork, and the gift of a Nissan car.

And a large number of citizens began to search for who is Hams Fikri, the winner of Saudi Idol, as well as Snape, Hams Fikri. Wikipedia Where the winner of the title entered into a fit of crying after embracing her daughter on stage after announcing her name by the presenters of the program broadcast on MBC, at a time when the Saudi Idol Judging Committee praised her wonderful artistic talent.

Who is whispering Fikri?

Who is Hams Fikri, a Saudi artist and wedding singer, and she is 29 years old. She was born in Jeddah in 1993 AD, and she currently resides in Jeddah, where she is a participant in the Saudi Idol talent program, because she has a distinct voice. And also a golden throat, as Hams lived through harsh conditions after the death of her father when she was 16 years old, but she was able to withstand and succeed in life thanks to the support she received with the help of her mother, whom she considers the most important thing in existence, she is considered a married woman and has an only daughter.

Snape whispered my thought Wikipedia

Snape whispered my thought Wikipedia The Saudi popular singing star, Hams Fikri, has an official account on the social networking site, Instagram and Snapchat, and you can follow all her news directly (Press here), where it is followed by approximately 85 thousand followers from all over the Kingdom, as well as the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia, who favor the lyrical color in which she excelled. Comments received on their own posts.

Thought whispered

Hams Fikri commented to ET Arabic before the closing episode if she won the title, where she said, “Of course, I will follow the path of the great veteran artists and make a mark on the Saudi female voice in compliance with Vision 2030.

She continued, “A diverse album will be made that includes all colors, produced by Platinum, and I hope you like it.”

And about what Hams will present to the Saudi song, she said, “I will present all tastes to Saudi art, from the old Saudi art and its revival to the new Saudi art that keeps pace with all tastes, and I am keen to choose songs that suit my art, which I will present after Saudi Idol.”

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