Lina Al-Hani dies in a tragic accident, and this is her last picture

Lina Al-Hani dies in a tragic accident, and this is her last picture
Lina Al-Hani dies in a tragic accident, and this is her last picture

The Lebanese fashionista Lina Al-Hani, who lives in Kuwait, passed away after a traffic accident in the State of Kuwait, and Lina Hani is the sister of the artist Sarah Al-Hani.

It is reported that the details of Lina Al-Hani’s accident were caused by her car colliding with another car, and the ambulance arrived quickly and took her to the hospital quickly, but she died quickly, as doctors announced her death upon her arrival.

It is worth noting that the late Lina Al-Hani, before her death, published two photos of her on the personal page on the social networking site “Instagram” via the “Story” feature, and the two photos appeared in good health and in white clothes, as was her second photo in her car, and he mentioned hours before the accident.

Also, her last post on her personal account on the Instagram website, which has more than 68 thousand people, was a personal picture of her, in which she appeared in a summer look, wearing a dress in bright colors, and commented on that photo and said: “Love or happiness? Choose”.

The last picture of the fashionista Lina Al-Hani

A large number of social media followers interacted with the news of Lina Al-Hani’s death, after her friends posted their condolences on their personal pages and expressed their shock at this shocking news.

Her friend, Dali Al-Qabandi, called her friend: “I love you a lot, Lina. My Lord has mercy on you and forgive you. Oh God, you are good and kind, and everyone loves you. May God give patience to the heart of a product, my love.

Likewise, the Kuwaiti actress, Rawnaq, commented on the news of Al-Hani’s death and said: “May God have mercy on her and forgive her.”

The journalist Dana Al-Rubaish also presented and said: “Lina Al-Hani is under the protection of God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her and give patience to her family and loved ones.”

The beautician also offered Hessa condolences and said: “There is no power or strength except by God. Lina Al-Hani is in the protection of God. Oh God, Tony. I saw her from the month of God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her, the kindness of the heart, may God wipe the hearts of her daughters and her family.”

The death of Lina Al-Hani

Lina Al-Hani is one of the influencers and activists on social media, as she was interested in the work of her sister, the Lebanese star, and runs the LUXURIA store, and is the mother of two girls.

A large number of condolences offered to the late Lina Al-Hani, and the followers grieved for what had befallen her, especially that she was in her best condition before the accident, which she was suddenly exposed to, and the doctors could not help her as she passed away and God’s order was carried out. A large number of celebrities offered condolences on social media and mourned her with all sadness .