Lookism Season 2: Is a sequel already planned on ?

Lookism Season 2: Is a sequel already planned on ?
Lookism Season 2: Is a sequel already planned on Netflix?

The first anime adaptation of a Korean webtoon is a huge success for . By staging the work of Taejun Pak, the Mir studio has once again achieved a marvel! With 8.7 billion views worldwide, the webtoon that tackles the cult of appearance in our modern society should be a great success on the streaming platform.

The arrival of Park Hyeong-seok on Netflix was highly anticipated by subscribers, unfortunately only eight episodes were released. The anime series is therefore over in a few hours and many of us are already waiting season 2 of Lookism. So has it already been ordered by the American company? Answer below!

We reveal all the information we have on the release date of season 2 of Lookism on Netflix

The Adventures of Park Hyeong-seok has not yet been renewed by Netflix but rest assured, the webtoon will largely stage Lookism season 2. The author has been publishing his work since 2014 and it already has 19 volumes that could keep the animated series going for several consecutive years!

Lookism season 2 has not yet been ordered by the streaming platform because this kind of production requires a significant financial investment and if the first season fails to convince subscribers then the American company could lose money.

Thus, the audiences will be analyzed during the next three or four weeks and if the webtoon manages to achieve excellent scores, then Lookism season 2 will be renewed. For the moment it is therefore still a little too early to know the fate of Park Hyeong-seok on Netflix. If you wish, know that it is possible to read the chapters of the webtoon for free on webtoons.com where the 416 episodes are accessible.

Lookism Season 2: The trailer will be available soon?

The Mir studio will need quite a long time to produce eight new episodes (if ordered). The company is already working on other projects but assuming that Netflix decides to renew its original creation, then the Lookism season 2 trailer is expected to be released in the fall of 2023.

What is the release date for season 2 of Lookism on Netflix?

Generally, when the American company extends its original animated creations, it keeps the exact same number of episodes. Thereby Lookism season 2 should consist of eight episodes but this is only a guess as this information has not yet been confirmed by Netflix.

The release date of season 2 of Lookism should be at the end of the year 2023 if it is renewed quickly (before February 2023). Otherwise the wait could be even longer. With the quality of this new fiction, we are convinced that a sequel will see the light of day soon because the adaptation is aimed at an ultra-wide audience and above all is able to speak to anyone thanks to the themes it addresses. .

As soon as there is news about season 2 of Lookism, this article will be updated immediately. In the meantime, you can still discover Romantic Killer which has been available on Netflix for a few weeks.

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