Diablo 4 shows the most important angel for the first time – who is that?

Diablo 4 shows the most important angel for the first time – who is that?
Diablo 4 shows the most important angel for the first time – who is that?

Blizzard unveiled a new trailer for Diablo 4 at the 2022 Game Awards. In the lavish cinematic, believers fight with an angel against the hordes of hell and a powerful demon. Anyone who knows Diablo knows that the two characters are probably the most important in the history of the game.

This is the trailer: The new trailer opens with a praying priestess who has an army at her back. A strange sign can be seen on the soldiers’ shields that Blizzard has previously teased on a cloaked figure.

Facing the army are demons from hell who are preparing to attack. After a short prayer from the priestess, the onslaught begins and all hell breaks loose – more or less literally.

The demons rush towards the defenders, but are pierced by long spears while the priestess kneels before them in prayer, trusting in heavenly protection. The scene is reminiscent of perfectly executed maneuvers by the famous Roman army.

Finally, two special figures appear: an angel and a demon. You should already know the demon Lilith, she is the big antagonist in the upcoming Diablo 4. But the angel is shown for the first time. But you should definitely know the two if you are interested in Diablo.

You can find all information about Diablo 4 in our special. We have included the latest cinematic trailer for you here:

Diablo 4: The release date trailer

Inarius and Lilith: The parents of all people in Diablo

Who are the characters? Lilith, the daughter of hate, is the daughter of Mephisto and niece of Diablo, the prime evil. Inarius is one of the angels who fought under Tyrael in the Eternal Conflict and is known for his successes on the battlefield.

But Lilith and Inarius are fed up with the never-ending war between angels and demons. They meet after Inarius is captured and freed by Lilith. The two fell in love and set out to create their own world.

What is the Eternal Conflict? Since the beginning of time, the High Heavens and their angels have fought against the Burning Hells and their demons for dominion over the Worldstone. With the power of this stone, they could create and destroy worlds at will.

Inarius was able to steal the Worldstone with other renegade angels and created Sanctuary, a world said to be safe from the Eternal Conflict – and the world where the Diablo games take place.

Lilith and Inarius also fathered children: Nephalem – the beings that we all now embody in Diablo and whose power is reflected in the different classes. So the angel and the demon are literally the parents of the world of Diablo.

You can find the story of the demon Lilith in detail on MeinMMO:

Diablo 4: Everything you need to know about the demon Lilith, the star of the trailer

Then why are they fighting each other? The trailer ends with Inarius saying “I’m here because of you” and throwing a javelin at Lilith. After Sanctuary and the nephalem were created, the anger of Heaven and Hell was directed at the new world.

With nephalem stronger than angels and demons, and the factions continuing to search for the Worldstone, Sanctuary was in complete danger. Inarius therefore considered wiping out his children – which enraged Lilith into such a rage that she slaughtered all the other demons and angels who stood by her.

Inarius didn’t forgive her for that and banished her to the void because he didn’t want to kill her himself. He proclaimed himself ruler of the world – and now, in Diablo 4, there seems to be a new conflict between “mom and dad”.

Incidentally, Diablo 4 wants to take over the best features of its predecessors. We have summarized the most important information for you here:

Diablo 4 takes the best features from its predecessors – This is how it looks so far

We will probably only be able to discover more details about this in the game itself. Diablo 4 is scheduled for release on June 5, 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. I myself already know that the story will captivate me more than in Diablo so far.

Lilith alone as an opponent makes me shudder. Usually you know Diablo, Baal and Co. who are undeniably evil, so the enemy you have to fight. But Lilith is… sort of my mother. I don’t want to fight her, I want to join her! Let’s see what will be possible…

Some colleagues could already look at Diablo 4. So far they have been almost entirely convinced of the game:

First tests explain the gameplay of Diablo 4: Here are 5 cool details – And 2 that annoy

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