Friday the 13th 2023: This week is the unlucky day

Friday the 13th 2023: This week is the unlucky day
Friday the 13th 2023: This week is the unlucky day

Friday the 13th. – People who have a penchant for superstition must not have liked this date. Because Friday the 13th is considered unlucky day. This reputation was created through various incidents in history, all of which date to this day and this date fell.

This week there is another Friday like this: It is Friday January 13th, 2023. But you have that day really more often Bad luck than other days of the year?

  • Where is it? origin this superstition?
  • which myths about bad luck there still?
  • What means Friday the 13th in other cultures?
  • When is the next Friday the 13th?

Why is Friday the 13th an unlucky day?

There are many explanations why Friday the 13th comes with bad luck is associated. The idea that Friday the 13th brings bad luck hasn’t been around for that long. Rather, the superstition is based on the fact that the Thirteen and the weekday Friday individually for a long time misfortune symbols be valid. the superstition is due to the following meanings, among others:

  • Friday is the death anniversary of Christ.
  • the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise fell on a Friday.
  • in the tarot the 13th card means death.
  • The number 13 was also called devil dozen designated.
  • In the Bible it is of 12 apostles reported, but at the last supper there was one thirteenth guest, Judaswho subsequently betrayed Jesus.
  • the 1929 stock market crash – also known as “Black Friday” – was May 13th. Hundreds of investors lost their entire fortune that day. (The US stock market crash of 1929 actually began on a Thursday, but due to the time difference it was already Friday in Europe.)

Where does the fear of Friday the 13th come from?

In the meantime he has Popular belief of the day of bad luck already so common that nowadays even people Friday the 13th believe that neither the number 13 nor Fridays had anything bad to do with it. This irrational fear is also known as Paraskavedekatriaphobia designated.

In the worst case, this phobia can go so far that people affected by it planned Cancel appointments and trips or not daring to get out of bed on a Friday the 13th. Even many Hotels don’t have a 13th floor or a room with the number 13. And even on airplanes, the absence of the number is nothing new: some airlines just skip row thirteen.

Friday the 13th – Reasonable Fear or Misconception?

But let’s be honest: Do bad events really happen more often on Friday the 13th than on other days? The answer is: no. The ADAC has even examined the accident statistics to that effect. Statistical it has not yet been established that the day brings more bad luck than other days, at least what the accident numbers concerns. However, that is Friday still the most accident-prone daybecause on this weekday there are weekend commuters and day trippers in addition to the usual road traffic, so the streets are fuller.

But whoever is firmly convinced that Friday the 13th something bad happens, he also lives more dangerously. Because this is where a well-known psychological pattern comes into play: The self-fulfilling prophecy. This states that when we expect a certain event, we unconsciously contribute with our actions and behavior to the fact that this also occurs. On Friday the 13th you could feel more insecure and also behave more hesitantly and insecurely, which usually means that mistakes and mishaps happen more often.

Friday the 13th in other cultures

That’s how he spreads myth around Friday the 13th is also in many countries, as different as it is interpreted. In the USA It’s similar to ours: Many people do not associate anything good with Friday the 13th. According to US study by the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina in 2003, between 17 and 21 million US citizens suffered from the fear before Friday the 13th economic damage they estimated at $800 to $900 million per reporting date.

But Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day everywhere in the world. In some southern countries, such as in Greecebe valid Tuesdaysthat fall on the 13th of a month are days of bad luck. In Italy For example, Friday the 17th is considered an unlucky date. In China on the other hand promises Number 13 lucky and Muslims is Friday holy.

When is next Friday the 13th?

So don’t panic before the next one accident date. Because most of the time this only happens on one Friday a year anyway, but it’s never more than three days. This year – 2023 – are there actually two Fridays that fall on a 13th of the month:

  • Friday January 13th, 2023
  • Friday October 13th, 2023

The following year there are two bad days again:

  • Friday September 13th, 2024
  • Friday December 13th, 2024

Other myths that are said to bring bad luck or good luck

Friday the 13th. is far from the only superstition so widespread. These are some of the most popular misconceptions and myths surrounding good luck and bad luck in our culture:

  • Becomes a broken mirrorthat leads to 7 years of bad luck.
  • under one director going through brings bad luck.
  • On chimney sweeper on the roof is supposed to bring luck for a whole week.
  • runs one black cat from left across the path, it is a sign of misfortune.
  • the to cross fingers brings luck.
  • On horseshoe with the opening at the top of the house brings good luck.
  • If you have one umbrella opens in the house, then that should bring bad luck.

Friday the 13th – Movies

Of course, Hollywood has already picked up on the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th: The American one Horror film series “Friday the 13th.” is probably the most famous film series. It’s based on Sean S. Cunningham’s “Friday the 13th”. 1980 return. Along with “Halloween” and the “Nightmare” series he belongs to the absolute Movie– Classics of the mainstream horror film. With eleven sequels, Friday the 13th is the one so far longest-lasting horror film series at all.

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