See who is the woman who killed her fiance with a gunshot at a motel

posted on 11/09/2022 23:53


Woman was arrested in the act – (Credit: Reproduction)

The woman arrested after shooting her fiancé to death inside a motel room in the Federal District is Marcela Ellen, 31 years old. The law degree was detained by military police in the district of Girassol, in Goiás, after using a caliber firearm. 38 to steal a Kombi, this Wednesday (9/11). To the police, the suspect confessed to the crime and claimed that she had been a victim of rape. She will undergo a custody hearing this Thursday (11/10).

Jordan Guimarães Lombardi, 39, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the right eye, at Motel Park Way, in the Candangolândia Post and Motel Sector. Marcela told the police that she had been engaged to the victim for about two years and that the two lived in the Moema neighborhood of São Paulo. Jordan worked in one of the highest positions at McKinsey & Company, an American business consulting firm. On Wednesday morning (11/9), civil police officers from the 11th Police Station (Núcleo Bandeirante) received information about the location of a male corpse in a motel.

  • Armed, Marcela tried to steal a Kombi

  • 3d7cbaa52b.jpg

    The couple lived in São Paulo

  • 90f720c6f6.jpg

    Marcela is accused of killing her fiancé

  • 0c6a6f981f.jpg

    Crime occurred in motel in DF

  • b39c49f29f.jpg

    In the hammocks, Marcela boasted a life of luxury

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    Woman was arrested

  • 5df121b2f6.jpg

    Marcela has a degree in law

  • bfbe287614.jpg

    Crime happened on Wednesday

  • 08f92e9ea8.jpg

    Woman fled in an Audi

The couple joined the establishment on Monday (7/11). According to investigations, Marcela works as a luxury escort and advertises the service on a specific website. At dawn, the woman fled the scene in an Audi Q7 and drove to nearby Girassol, but the car stopped working halfway. Still half-naked, she got out of the vehicle, took the gun and approached the driver of a van. According to the man’s account, Marcela threatened him, asked for his cell phone unlocked and said that she had been a victim of sexual abuse and wanted his car.

Taking advantage of the accused’s distraction, the van driver ran to the BR-070 and asked for help. Another driver who was passing along the road took him to a car in Girassol. Military police from Goiás went to the scene and managed to arrest the woman in the act. “During the arrest, the officers noticed that the firearm had an unexploded case. Asked if she had fired a shot, she confessed that she shot her fiancé in a motel in Brasília,” said Lieutenant Renato Zaniz, supervisor of the 17th Regional Command of PMGO.

drug effect

To the police, Marcela gave details about her drug use and reported that, two days ago, she was using narcotics and that she had been using drugs since she was 15 years old. In addition to the gun and four rounds of ammunition, the PMs seized an iPhone and a bag of cocaine.

Marcela was taken to the Flagrantes Center of the 1st District Police Station of Águas Lindas (GO), where she gave a statement and, later, to the prison. The custody hearing is scheduled for this Thursday (11/10). She must answer for murder.

Coverage by Correio Braziliense

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