IFA 2022: Experience the Panasonic flagship LZW2004 live and in color

The Panasonic LZW2004 has just been available and has received the best picture rating we have ever given a television. You want to convince yourself of the picture? Then visit Panasonic at the IFA 2022 in Berlin! Or join HIFI.DE TV professional Vitus on his tour of the stand on YouTube.

Panasonic LZW2004: Our TVs with the best picture quality

We were able to test the TV while it was still in the pre-order phase. In our best list of all televisions that we were able to test, it only made it to third place. When it comes to image quality, on the other hand, nobody can beat it. Conclusion of our tester: “the best television for cinema experiences”.

Not just good for home cinema: Panasonic is also promoting the LZW2004 as a gaming TV at IFA 2022 – thanks to two HDMI 2.1 connections.

The LZW2004 also performs excellently when it comes to sound. As always in cooperation with Technics, Panasonic has given the TV built-in front, side and up-firing chassis. These resonate in all directions and thus reproduce 3D sound audibly better than other televisions.

LZW2004: Also on show in 77 inches at the IFA

It will be Panasonic’s largest OLED television to date: the LZW2004 with a screen diagonal of 77 inches. At the Panasonic stand, the TV did a great job. It should be available from the end of September.

The cheaper alternative: LZW1500 series at IFA 2022

Of course, not everyone needs a television with a built-in sound system. Many people who buy a new top-of-the-range television will already have their own audio equipment at home or already have plans as to which speakers or soundbar they want. In that case, we discovered a solution for you at the IFA: the LZW1500 series. Not to be confused with the LZ1500 series, this is the international designation of the series. The LZ1500 televisions are not coming to Germany, the LZW1500s are arriving here instead.

LZW1500 picture from the IFA 2022
At the Panasonic booth we found the LZW1500 series.

The LZW1504 does without the sound system and has a slightly different coating to prevent reflections. According to Panasonic, the panel is identical in sizes from 55 inches. The same gaming features should also be on board. The models will of course be cheaper – by how much remains to be seen.

We also don’t know when the series will be available on the market. If so, it will only be available from specialist retailers.

Are you at the IFA this year? Want to pay Panasonic a visit? Let us know in the comments!

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