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September arrived recharged and has the best proposals to watch. “Love in the Villa” (“Romance in Verona” in Spanish) is the new romantic comedy that lands on the streaming platform.

The story focuses on Julie, who after the end of their relationship, decides to travel to Italy; To do this, she reserves a place to stay, but when she arrives she finds with the unpleasant surprise that the rented house is already occupied, so she will have to share it with a handsome British man, with whom she will not get along at all at first.

Due to the expectation that the film has generated, of about two hours, we will tell you which actors and which characters they play. Before we need you that this premieres on September 1, 2022.

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Julie, the main actress of “Love in the Villa” (Photo: Netflix)

Kat Graham is Julie, the protagonist. In the plot, she is a woman who, disappointed by the end of her romance, decides to travel to Verona, but her dream trip takes a turn when she discovers that the house she rented is occupied by an attractive stranger.

The actress, born in Geneva on September 5, 1989, is known for playing the role of Bonnie Bennett on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”. She also, she in “The Poison Rose”, “Stalker” and “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. She is also a singer, dancer and model.

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The protagonist of “Love in the Villa” (Photo: Netflix)

Tom Hopper is Charlie. In the film he is an arrogant man who must share a room with Julie in Italy. His special character will get his partner out of his boxes.

The actor, born in Coalville, Leicestershire, on January 28, 1985, is known for playing Sir Percival in the series “Merlin”, Dickon Tarly in “Game of Thrones”, Luther in “The Umbrella Academy”. ”, among other papers.

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Raymond Ablack won an award for performance in a web series (Photo: @raymondablack / @obrothergroup)

Raymond Ablack is Brandon in the film, Julie’s ex-boyfriend. He will end the illusions of his partner when their relationship comes to an end.

The actor, born on November 12, 1989 in Toronto, Canada, played Sav Bhandari in the teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” He also acted in the web series “Teenagers”, which won him an Indie Series Award in 2016. He was also in “Ginny & Georgia”, “Maid” and “Narcos”.

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He is an outstanding Italian actor (Photo: Raymond Ablack / Instagra)

Emilio Solfrizzi plays Silvio. He is an Italian actor and comedian born in Bari on April 5, 1962. He has acted in film, television and theater, as well as having done dubbing.

  • Laura Hopper as Cassie
  • Lorenzo Lazzarini as Uberto
  • Stefano Skalkotos as Police Chief
  • Sean Amsing as Robert
  • Nadia Rahman as an American backpacker
  • To find out who else is part of the cast CLICK HERE.

The article is in Spanish

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